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Last Update Feb 23, 2013

I have decided to suspend publication of the IR List. 

For more than five years I’ve diligently put it together and I feel the time to move on has come.  I debated long and hard on my decision.  Trust me, it wasn’t easy.  For the most part, this has been a labor of love, one I looked forward to every week. 

Unlike the ‘old’ days when it took forever to locate an IR, it is relatively easy now.  With so many “One Shop Stops” available such as All Romance, Amazon, and Coffee Times Romance (just to name a few), you should find the books with relative ease.  

If anyone is interested in continuing the publication of the weekly list, let me know and I will be more than happy to assist with the undertaking of the endeavor.

You can always contact me at if you’d like a copy of the IRList to date or to just say hey.

As always…Happy Reading!
Pat Cromwell


Last Listing Update Feb 16, 2013

Below is a list of books that are Interracial. The list is made up of books tagged as an IR, the books synopsis, and /or cover art.   It's not an endorsement of a particular site or author but simply a list of books available with an IR couple / theme. 

Get the IR List in Excel Format I started the list back in November of 2007. If you'd like an all-inclusive copy of the IR List from November 2007 to present send me an email with: "IR List Request - XLS" in the subject line. My email address is: Thanks!

Week Ending Feb 16, 2013 (Includes Special Request)

Erosa Knowles - Promises Kept

Shara Azod, Marteeka Karland - The Third Wednesday

Janet Eckford - The Hunger

Fabian L. Black - The Education of Donovan

Billy London - Vintage Pleasures

Nikki Winter - Body of Art

Charisma Knight - Silver Bracelets

Q. Malone - Corporate Affairs

Yvette Hines - Ho, Ho, Ho and a Dom

Ginger Simpson - Sarah's Heart

Toye Lawson - Brown Smoke & Fire A Firefighter's Love Story

Drea Riley, Nikki Winter - Under the Christmas Tree

Maura McKeely - Guarding Grace (A Guardian Novella)

Crystal Rain - Love Moonlit Dream

Crystal Rain - Love Moonlit Watcher

Shelli Quinn - Royal Encounter (Russian Royalty)

Sara Reinke - Out of the Dark (The Brethren Series)

Renee LaRuse - Alejandro

Damien Dsoul - LOVE/Less & Other Short Stories

Harvey Stelman, Andy Nathan, Lee Netzer and Lorrie Schwarz - Eyes Of Emerald

Delilah Fawkes - Lush Curves5 Undertow

EA Hunt - Soul Kissed

Lazarus Infinity - Exodus: A Requiem for Jacob Forlorn

Netherland St. James - Flirting with Danger

Katherine Vogel - In The Midst Of Secrets

T.N. Collie - Jesse

Celeste Anwar - Savage Hunger (Project Nemesis)

Terry O'Reilly - The Search for Soaring Hawk

Olivia Linden - Jaded Hearts (The Jaded Hearts Club)

Kurt Steiner - A Journey to Disgrace Part Two of Three

Ancelli - Forgiveness and Second Chances

Liliana Hart - Secrets and Satin: A MacKenzie Novel (Romantic Suspense) (The MacKenzie Family)

Kizzy Toussaint - Slam The Trick

Adrianna Dane - Eye Candy And Achy Hearts

Shyla Colt - Sorrow's Muse

RW Shannon - Bitten

Kali Willows - Tantric Storm

Nulli Para - Ora Initiate

Veronica Tower - Healing

Destiny Wallace - Joy's Valentine

Stephanie Morris - Ultimate Gamble

Theresa Scott - Yesterday's Dawn

Dahlia DeWinters - Love Bytes

Week Ending Feb 9, 2013 (Includes Special Request)

Yvette Hines - Bedding the Best Man

Yvette Hines - Wedded in Passion

Shirl Anders - Their Ex's Redrock Two (Texas Alpha, Erotic Romance)

Shirl Anders - Their Ex's Redrock Four (Texas Alpha, Erotic Romance)

Dahlia Rose - The Billionaire's Baby

Cassandre Dayne - Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper

Jennifer Willows – Scarred

Natalie Myrie - Love Is Overdue

Kurt Steiner - A Journey to Disgrace - Part-One-of-Three

Leonard Durso - Night & Day

Amber Creek and Cassandra Black - Loving a Texan from New Orleans

Patricia Bates - Claiming Her Dream

R W Shannon - Deadly Desires

Zee Monodee - Once Upon A Second Chance

J.A. Harmon - Beyond Love

Michele Sudler - Stolen Memories

Robyn Amos - Sex and the Single Braddock

Nikki Prince - Demon Tempted

Shane Allison - Mike and Danielle Broke Up

Crystal Michaels - Unwavering Menage

Sidney Bristol - A Kiss For A Cure

Paige Bennett - An Appetite For Seduction

Cheryl Dragon  - Leaving Dreamland (7th Kind Series, Book Five)

Brenda Barrett - Full Circle

Brenda Barrett - The Pull Of Freedom

Week Ending Feb 2, 2013 (Includes Special Request)

Charisma Knight - Cheri Red

Charisma Knight - Diamond Mine

Vera Roberts - To Love and Obey

Shara Azod - Little Black Book

Marteeka Karland - Lawman's Pleasure

Megan Slayer - Gifted

Sadira - Locker Room Blitz

Yvette Hines - Rescued Mate

Yvette Hines - Trusting St. Nick

Yvette Hines - Golden Treasure

Yvette Hines - Bound for Christmas

Bisi Leyton - Aporia (Wisteria Series)

Joanna Lyndstrom - Beachfront Escapes

Eva G Headley and Shonell Bacon - Hollywood Heels Hair it Goes (Flash Fiction) Series 2

Sandra Sinclair - Seduced by Mistake

A C  Mason - Surrendering To His Mrs. Right (Soul Food Diner)

Brenda Stokes Lee - Georgia On My Mind

David Sullivan - Hearts United

Keith Gatling - Hey Paula

Yvette Hines - Internet Rebound

Leonard Durso - Wooing Wu

Tiffany McDowell - African Princess: Scottish Billionaire Prince, An Interracial Romance

Tiana Laveen - Saved and SAINTified

Kelly Wallace - Best Friends Better Lovers

Delilah Fawkes - Lush Curves

Delilah Fawkes - Lush Curves2 Swept Away

Delilah Fawkes - Lush Curves3 Making Waves

R.L. Kane - Restoration of Love

Rena Manse and A Harris - Then, There's Love (Revealing)

Doris O'Connor - Too Devious to Tame (The Giovanni Clan)

Tressie Lockwood - Juneau Heat

Ashlynn Monroe - Given

Ute Carbone – Afterglow

Willsin Rowe and Katie Salidas - In The Dark

Heather Long - The Two and the Proud

Patricia Snodgrass - Glorious Arising: A Private Little War

Marilyn Meredith - Bears With Us With Us

Joyce Thompson - How to Greet Strangers: A Mystery

Jessi Gage - Wishing For A Highlander

Sonya Clark - Mojo Queen

Dana Littlejohn - Conquering the Sun

Angelique Videaul - Guadalupe's Tears

Lori Perkins Huddle - A Football Ménage Anthology

Taige Crenshaw - Indigo Rain

Week Ending Jan 26, 2013 (Includes Special Request)

April Angel - Wicked Valentine

Yvette Hines - Making the Man

Yvette Hines - Lady Justice

Yvette Hines - A Gentle Christmas

Yvette Hines - Holiday Fantasy

Yvette Hines - Bet on a Mistletoe

Ambrielle Kirk - Wolf's Touch

Sara Hooper - California Dreaming

Pepper Pace and J G - A Seal Upon Your Heart

Vanna B - Fancy 2

Alexandria Infante, Carin Gotlib and Soleil Burgess - Procede with Caution Bekan's Quest (A Lite Farie Tale)

Joanna A. Haze - Training Session

I. M. Telling - Filming in Color

Joanna Hynes - My Song Of Songs: Solomon's Touch

Vivien Dean - The Low Between

Rebekah Weatherspoon - Blacker Than Blue: Vampire Sorority Sisters Book 2

Anne Kane - Audit This!

Fiona McGier - Prophecy of the Undead

Delilah Hunt - Riding the Storm

Peter Barns - 7 Days in May

Jaime Reed - Fading Amber The Cambion Chronicles #3

G Fenton - Stormy Weather

Stephanie Jean Smith - More Than a Four Letter Word No

Stephanie Jean Smith - Ordinary Romance

Stephanie Jean Smith - Love In A Nick Of Time

Lynette Ferreira - When We Love

Patricia Snodgrass - Glorious Arising: A Private Little War

Honey Jans - Arrested by her Sheik - Part 6

Anthony Stevens - Shadows

Jamallah Bergman - The Biker Next Door

Kassanna - Scar

Week Ending Jan 19, 2013 (Includes Special Request)

Lyric James - Under His Cover

P D Singer - On Call Crossroads

Shelby Clark - Love on Lockdown

Cassandre Dayne - Sizzling Winter Nights: Quebec

Cassandre Dayne - Unsettling Proposition

Juliette Springs - The Karma Chronicles: Vanessa's Story

Mike Ox - Lust Lake Last Summer

Kim Flowers - The Divide Book 1 Uprising

J.M. Snyder - Cruising on Cary Street FREE DOWNLOAD

Ava Snow - Past Unbound

Wynter Daniels - Hidden Magic

Iris Deorre - So This is Love

Lisa G. Riley - You are Mine

Damien Dsoul - Master SHANGO's Essays & Letters

C. Jackson - Third Time's A Charm (Tangled Hearts: Jules and Noah Chronicles)

Damien Dsoul - Brown Eyes, Blue Smile

Anthology - Cabin for Two An Anthology (Angel Martinez, Mathilde Watson, Silvia Violet and Vicktor Alexander)

Milly Taiden - Wynter's Captive

Delka Beazer - Into the Flames (Perilous Connections: Book Two)

Jayci Kyler - Catch A Falling Star

Netherland St. James - Dancing with Danger

Nara Walker - Broken Wings Episode 3 (Songbirds)

LeTeisha Newton - The Fire of His Claim

Nikki Winter - Kiss and Tell

Kiru Taye - Island Bound

Stephanie Williams - Love Thy Neighbor's Nephew

Stormie Kent - Battling Rapture

Shyla Colt - Vixen Claimed

Aminta Reily - Raven's Desires

Aminta Reily - Dark Hunger

Cari Silverwood - Steamwork Chronicles 3: Steel Dominance

Mahogany Silver - Rain Winter's Kiss

Mahogany SilverRain - A Slave's Heart

Mahogany SilverRain - Passion's Pride: Leonessa

Mahogany SilverRain - Naamah: A Succubus Tale

Mahalia Levey - Heaven Sent

N.J. Nielsen - A Moon Runner Christmas

Jane Jamison - Wolf Tracks (Siren Publication)

Anna Parsons - Hard Limits (Siren Publication)

Lou Lou Winters - RELAX, BELL (Siren Publication)



Week Ending Jan 12, 2013 (Includes Special Request)

Melissa Snark - Cuffed

Holley Trent - Reinstated Bond

Dahlia Rose - Christmas Three

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - Rock Star Wedding

BLMorticia - Candyman

Jaide Fox - Seduced by the Beast

Venice Kennedy - Blackout in the Garden of Love

Brenda Heyward - Carlton's Home

Celeste Anwar - More Than Friends

Meeka Rue and Dominique Jackson - Temporarily Love (Greedy Love Series)

Sara Hooper - Keeping Her Love Secure

Jayci Kyler - A New Story Book Wedding

Shiree McCarver – Visual Kei Rock Star (Musicians In Love)

Pedro Samuel de Moura Torres - Sweet sin (The mulatto) (Portuguese Edition)

Jewel Moore - Dance for the Billionaire

Shawn Lane - Gratefully His

Naomi Jones - Accidental Lovers

Shanayah Tailor - You are My Everything

Heather Long - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Aundrea Singer - Black Hawk Tattoo

Doris O'Connor - Masks of a Tiger

Jianne Carlo - Hades Squad 2: Lucifer's Choice

Makenzey Jade - Love Sundae

Mickie Sherwood - Like Slow Sweet Molasses

Jennifer Mueller - Return to Havana (FREE)

Veronica Tower - Snowed In

Vanessa Alexander Johnson - Tempted by Love

Penelope Rivers – My Neighbor Vampire

Tressie Lockwood - Tiger Bound

Bridget Midway, Yvette Hines, Aliyah Burke - Wonderland

Week Ending Jan 5, 2013 (Includes Special Request)

Jennifer Willows - One Night Stand

Caitlin Ricci - First Kiss

Yvonne Nicolas - Designing Love

Yvette Hines - Holiday in Handcuffs

Anne Rae Vasquez - Almost a Turkish Soap Opera

Miss Janelly - No Strings Attached

Miss Janelly - Nirvana

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - The Lion in Russia

Vicktor Alexander - Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Jaide Fox - Earth Girls Aren't Easy

Celeste Anwar - Carnal Knowledge

Iris Deorre - Complicated Love

K. Morales - Back to You

Michelle McGriff - My Colored Summer

Nicole Mckoy - That One Night (Interracial Romance)

Lucy Yam - Champaca Lovers

RaeLynn Blue - Cherishing Mikki (Neal Family)

Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland - A Dom For Christmas (Whipped Dreams)

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod - The Office Christmas Party (Force Me)

Nikki Winter - SEALed With a Kiss (Whipped Dreams)

Ashton Lawrence and Gail Lawrence - Silent Passions

Nevea Lane - Silver Bells and Straps (Whipped Dreams)

Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland - Thor's Yule (Force Me)

Netherland St. James - Wolf Bound

Edward Kendrick - New Beginnings (Phoenix Rising)

Cassandre Dayne - Power Struggle

Chellby Jaye - Forgiving and Forgetting (Part 1)

Sherrie Lynn - A Forward Motion

Michelle McGriff - In Search of Passion

Marv Leit - A Moment in Time

Sara Hooper - Love At The Bahamian Hotel

CeCe Monét - Lemon Truffles 2 Some Mistletoe, A Miracle & A Blessing (The Chocolate Chronicles)

Ako Emanuel - Light Fallen (The Ava'Lonan Herstories)

Gynger Fyer - Thanksgiving Secrets

Naomi Jones - Christmas Confession

Nevea Lane - Falling Leaves of Autumn

Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh – Irish Coffee

Gynger Fyer - Frosty Pleasures

Andrew Grey - Cardio Conditioning

W. Lynn Chantale - Duty and Pleasure

David Sullivan - My First Business Seminar

Shiree McCarver - All I Want Is You

Stephanie Jean Smith - More Than a Four Letter Word

Kelly Lee - Battle Heat

Kim Smith - The Christmas Heist

K.T. Bishop - A Christmas Reunion

K.T. Bishop - A Doctor for Christmas

Destiny Wallace - Joy's Holiday

Suleikha Snyder - Bollyamorous

Sarah M. Anderson - Mystic Cowboy (Jan 1 2013)
Candi Wall - Primitive Nights (Jan 8 2013)

Mahalia Levey - Heaven Sent (Jan 7)

Eden Scott - I'm Not Rico

Cassandre Dayne - Reindeer Games Blitzen

Jamallah Bergman - Sorry...Wrong Number

Tiffany Parker – My Christmas Angel

Dahlia Rose - Seal of Honor

Week Ending Dec 22, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Jaide Fox - His Forbidden Fruit

Jaide Fox - Marked by the Beast

Celeste Anwar - Island Fever

Ranae Rose - Battered Not Broken

Kassanna - A Christmas for Hope

Shyla Colt - 12 Days of Xanthus

Imari Jade - A Christmas Song

Drea Riley - Naughty Klauses

Yvette Hines - Catering to a Millionaire

Yvette Hines - Nefarious Deeds

Aliyah Burke - Holiday Surprise: Unwrapped

Erosa Knowles - Loving a Bad Boy

Tanya Korval - Music

Julia Audrina Carrington - Bonded by Love A Christmas Novel Part 2

Kassanna - Angel Mine (Angels & Demons)

J. Adams - Forever (The Against the Odds Saga)

Sara Hooper - Kitchen Trouble

Delilah Fawkes - Lush Curves

Delilah Fawkes - Lush Curves2 Swept Away

Delilah Fawkes - Lush Curves3 Making Waves

Marshall Gibson and Moira Nelligar - Melissa Torrid Island Mistress

Teresa D'Israel - The Other Friend

Delka Beazer - Out of the Fire (Perilous Connections)

Shelli Quinn - Royal Treasure (Russian Royalty)

R. Lynn Archie - Trial of Marriage

Ana E Ross - The Doctor's Secret Bride (Volume 1) [Paperback]

Stephanie Burke - The Holy Dark

Zenobia Renquist - Wet Overflow

Marie Rochelle - Roadside Strangers 3 Stranded

Mina Carter - Darkest Kiss, Darkest Bliss

Con Riley - Aiden's Luck

Nikki Prince - On Angel's Wings

Ellen Cross - Holly's Healing

Nulli Para Ora - Dragon Moon

Betty Brooks - The Color of the Heart

Eve Summers - The Cat Who Stole Christmas

Nathalie Gray, Nicole North, Dominique Sinclair, Saskia Walker - Secrets Volume 29 Indulge Your Fantasies

Elisabeth Roseland - Advertising for Love

Devon Rhodes - Rough Awakening (24th)

Week Ending Dec 15, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx - Leoti

Sienna Mynx - Ti Amo (Battaglia Mafia Series Volume II)

Shara Azod - Decadence

Charisma Knight - Their Proposition

Nikki Winter - Words Never Said

Sara Hooper - Healing Power

Brenda Stokes Lee - Escape to Paris With Love

Selena Illyria - Hidden Diversions (Draven's Crossing)

Joanna A. Haze - The Missing Piece

Netherland St. James - Eye of the Tiger

Helen Louise - Caroll Tachinomi Hook-Up

Tressie Lockwood - Can't Buy Your Love

Doris O'Connor - For the Love of Mutt

Kim Knox - Dark Dealings

Gary Eddings - Buffalo Hump

Zenobia Renquist - Santa's Helpers: Decorating Spirit

Stephanie Burke - Santa's Slay

Mahalia Levey - Satin and Steel

Rita Hestand - Love Rules

H.K. Hillman - Samuel's Girl

Kassanna - Make It Happen, Captain

G.R. Richards - By Any Other Name (A Gay Christmas Erotic Romance)

Jory Strong - Dragon Master

Em Petrova - Controlled Burn

Lissa Matthews - More Than This

Vanessa North - Fight or Flight

Cain Berlinger - Simon Sez: Kill

Pepper Pace - Angel Over My Shoulder

Pepper Pace - BEAST

Pepper Pace - More Detail Miscegenist Sabishii

Pepper Pace - Babygirl and the Mean Boss

Pepper Pace - Wheels of Steel Special Edition

Pepper Pace - Crash

Tom Keenan - To Understand Why

Theo Arnold - Torn Between Two Lovers

BL Bonita - Soothe My Soul

RW Shannon - Chasing Dawn

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Christmas Cheer

JQ Jones - Home at Last (Siren Publishing)

Dahlia Rose, Tressie Lockwood - Christmas at Twin Falls

Serena Yates - Winter Challenge (17th December - VIP Release offer 10% off!)

Aliyah Burke & Taige Crenshaw – Ashia (17th December - VIP Release offer 10% off!)

L.M. Somerton - Black Dog (17th December - VIP Release offer 10% off!)

Week Ending Dec 8, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Nana Malone - The Protectors Series Bundle (A superhero romance anthology)

Rawiya - I Like 'Em Pretty

Vera Roberts - The Nanny

Theodora Taylor - The Wild One

B L Morticia - Christmas With My Grinch

Theodora Taylor - Her Perfect Gift

Dawn Ibanez - Precarious Possessions (Maxwell Investigations)

Alaina Marks - Friends with Benefits (A Sexy Romance Short Story)

Sandra Sinclair - The Perfect Cure

Melissa Blue - Sugar Plum Kisses

P.A. Whitfield - Transcending Dawn ~ Shadows of Jealousy Vol. Two

Melinique Sanz - Unlikely Princesses

Dahlia Rose - Yuletide Mischief

Nevea Lane - Stunt 101

Camille Anthony - Christmas Bunny

Jessica E. Subject - Alien Lover

Krystal Shannan - A Very Russian Christmas

Desert Breeze Publishing – Several Free Reads

Evan Gilbert - Brown Eyed Devil

M.D. Grimm - Hunter and Hunted

Nina Pierce - Bonded by Need (This IR is FREE)

Giselle Renarde - Out of the Cold

Auzette Nichols - Run Nakayla

Marilyn Lee - In Blood And Worth Loving 2 Lost Without You

Asha King - Wild Horses: Cold Cold Winter

Tracey Steinbach - Her Christmas Tree

Dana Littlejohn – Releasing The Baggage

Tressie Lockwood - We Could Be Amazing

Jordyn McKenzie - Tyed to You (10% off Dec 10)

Xssa Annella - Vision of Love (10% off Dec 10)

Tricia Jones - All The Way

Week Ending Dec 1, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

C J Black - Crave the Dark

Ambrielle Kirk - Wolf's Promise

Yvonne Nicolas - Christmas Delights

Candy Caine - It's Love That Really Counts

JoAnne Kenrick - Hot Winter Kiss

Melanie Schuster - Poetry Man (Kimani Romance)

Theodora Taylor - Her Perfect Gift

Shyla Colt - No Man Left Behind Anthology

C. Jackson - Second Chances (Tangled Hearts: Jules and Noah Chronicles)

Rebecca Miller – Dating When The Numbers Are 20 to 1

SoJourner Wells - Girl Gets Her Man

H. M. Mann - Sisters of Grace

Holley Trent - Boughs of Halle

Erin O'Quinn - Noble, Nevada

Joanne Renaud – A Question of Time

Camryn Rhys - Vengeful Gaines

Sabrina Sol - Reunited

Kendra Mei Chailyn - Saranghae

Karen Erickson - Stolen Hearts  (Free)

Bella Leone - Downpour

Cain Berlinger - Blood Red Christmas

Simon Fox - The Throne of Crowns

Capri Montgomery - Killing Hannah

Crymsyn Hart - Her Guardian's Heart

Destiny Wallace - House Sitting

Brynn Paulin - Stocking Full of Cole

Henry Brown - Radical Times

Brenda Barrett - Full Circle

A.J. Llewellyn – Ailani The Last

Judith Rochelle - Redemption

Week Ending Nov 24, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Nia K. Foxx - Gargoyle's Challenge

Nia K. Foxx - No Way Out

Sienna Mynx - Destino (Battaglia Mafia Series) Book 1

Nia K. Foxx - Men of the Void: The Librarian's Birthday Surprise

Cara North - Warm Ways

Nia K. Foxx - The Rancher's Ultimatum

Drea Riley - Mocha Descent

Cassandre Dayne - Sizzling Winter Nights: Jackson Hole

Priscilla Poole Rainwater – A Christmas Nightmare

Priscilla Poole Rainwater - Monster's Ball

Priscilla Poole Rainwater - Promise To Keep

Priscilla Poole Rainwater - Remember Me

Carla Kane and Hunter Joyce - Alpha Males: Four Hot Stallions from the Other Side of the Law

Trisha Lindsey and Ronin Schtihl Daire -  It Is Risen

Susan Francis - Two Vesions of the Same Song

Yvette Hines - Constructing Lust (Stir Sticks and Stilettos)

Jenna Bennett - Contingent On Approval (Savannah Martin Christmas Novella 5½)

Olivia Brynn - Flipped

Alisha Paige - Uncaged

Jo Alkemade and Charlie Dubbeldam - Belonging in Africa

Danielle Peterson - My Wholly Heartbreaking Heretic (The Duck and The Doe)

Capri Montgomery - Warriors of Persia (Adventures Through Time)

Terry O'Reilly - The Search For Soaring Hawk

Leona Bushman - Rick Sexed up the Doc

Lia Connor - Full Moon Heat (Collection)

Zenobia Renquist – Wet Overflow

Madeline Baker - A Whisper in the Wind

Lora Leigh - Surrender (This is not an IR, however, it is free and it’s by Lora Leigh)

Denise A Agnew - Dark Fire (FREE  download!)

Koko Brown - Charming Freaks

Nona Raines - His and Hers and Hers

Giselle Renarde - In the Eye

Brenda Stokes Lee - Secrets Lovers Keep (Collection of Short Stories)

Various – Lyrical Press has 75% off all books (Sale ends 2012 11 24)

Various – Phaze  has 75% off all books (Sale ends 2012 11 26 use code BLACKFRIDAY)

Sarah Jane Lehoux - The Bearded Lady

Keshia Robertson - Just As Good

Lisabet Sarai - Mastering Maya (November 19th)

Week Ending Nov 17, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Talon Rihai & Salome Wilde - After the First Taste of Love

Teona Bell - Her Best Friend's Baby

Melissa Schroeder - A Little Harmless Military Romance Bundle

Nana Malone - Romancing the Sass (A Romantic Comedy Bundle)

Shelby Clark - Love, Law, & Order

Elise Marion - Redemption

Nana Malone - Sultry in Stilettos (A Sultry Contemporary Romance)

Toye Lawson Brown - Scenes To Steal The Heart

Wynter Daniels - Wrong Way Renee

Lyric James - Up All Night

Maureen Smith - Any Way You Want It

Lynette Ferreira - Bundle Collection: When We Love & In the End

G. A. Hauser and Stacey Rhodes - Code Red

Delilah Fawkes - Swept Away

Sienna Mynx - Destino (Battaglia Mafia Series)

Kimberly Lane - Finding Nickie

Ella Ardent - Flashback (The Plume)

Paula Reed - For Her Love (The Caribbean Trilogy)

Josephine Law - An Irish Adventure

Josephine Law - Going Crazy in Georgia (The Wonder Years)

Nina Dockery - Once, Again

Jenna Bennett - Cutthroat Business Mysteries Boxed Set 1-3 (Savannah Martin mysteries)

Hayden Ash - The Mermaid (Mythical Creatures)

Nevea Lane - Midnight and Mayhem

Milana Howard - All for You

Marie Rochelle - Satisfaction

Valerie Mann - First Comes Marriage

Veronica Tower - Streetwalker

Doris O'Connor - Masks of a Tiger

Charlie Richards - Giving Perrin Life

A P von K'Ory - More Detail The Dream - Vol I, Bound To Tradition

Teejay LeCapois - The New Faces Of Christendom;jsessionid=4F11F8F2656840C9BB1BAAC712DF5879

Juli Mateson - The Clamor Of The Mountains

Juli Mateson - The Clamor Of The Mountains 2: The Dangerous Tryst

Portis Newman - Customer Service

Shelli Quinn - The Baby Contract

Shelli Quinn - Forced into Marriage

Shelli Quinn - Love's Precious Surprise

Shelli Quinn - Design for Love

Lynette Ferreira - When We Love

Stephanie Morris - Flirting With Temptation

Anastasia Rabiyah - Extra Baggage

LaVerne Thompson - Journey of The Princess of Ice

Cheryl Dragon - Salesmen on the Rise (Lucky Springs Series, Book Six)

Dee Carney - Once Burned

Imari Jade - Down and Dirty

Serena Yates - Autumn Quest

Aliyah Burke & Taige Crenshaw - Taber

Aliyah Burke - Holiday Liaison

Week Ending Nov 10, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Lisa Kumar - Santa for Christmas

Sabrina Lockheart - Hood Rich

Charisma Knight - Ghosts Of Lassiter Towers

Ambrielle Kirk - Risking It All

Cassandre Dayne - Sizzling Winter Nights: Park City

KT Bishop - A Cajun Thanksgiving

Tatiana March - Cosmic Forces Extra Scenes (IR And FREE)

Bisi Leyton - Myopia (Wisteria Series)

Linda McGinnis - Cloud Dancer Series (3 Books at of Nov 10, 2012)

Raven Rose - Deception of Amber

Bisi Leyton - Paranoia (Wisteria Series)

Vallory Vance - In the Moment

Jaide Fox - Alien Captive

Maurice Kande - A life without love:'Meaningless'

Dahlia DeWinters - Second Chance Christmas

Billy London - Best Laid Plans

Sandra Hall – Fairlight

Sienna Mynx - The Golden Chalice

Jory Strong - Dragon Games

Ann Jacobs – Loving Control (FREE)

Jon Bradbury - Sugar Daddy

Becky Black - Ganymede Tilt

Lena Matthews - Some Kind of Wonderful

Joan Early - Earthly Indiscretions

Serenity King - A Midsummer Tryst

Yvette Hines - Rekindling Christmas

Maxine Mansfield - Tempted By The Storm

Roberta C.M.DeCaprio - Born of Proud Blood

Week Ending Nov 3, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Cora Blu - The Man He'll Never Be

K Matthew - Willing

K Matthew - Ball

Tami Vinson - Protective Heat

Melissa Schroeder - A Little Harmless Bundle, Vol 1

Shelby Clark - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Bridget Midway - O'Come

Marie Harper - All It Takes Is One Night

Mia Loveless - Love Jones For Him

Mia Loveless - Namelessly Yours

Mia Loveless - Sartinis Revenge

Capri Montgomery - On Thin Ice (Special Ops)

Shara Azod - Decadence (Whipped Dreams)

Charisma Knight - Their Proposition (Whipped Dreams)

Nikki Winter - Words Never Said

Asha King - Somebody to Love: A Ghost Story

Chanta Rand - Bromance 101

Kali Willows - Dragon Temptation

K. Victoria Chase - Virginia Justice Book Two: Marked by the Mob

Thayer King - Acting Witchy

Nikki Prince - Demon Mine

L.J. LaBarthe - No Shadows Fall

Marguerite Labbe - Ghosts in the Wind

Sandra Bunino - Brooke's Wish

April Mann - The Last Second

Marilyn Lee - Falling for Sharde

Elizabeth Abigail James - The Last Visitor

Destiny Wallace - Believe: A Halloween Anthology

Anthony Stevens - Echopharte

Lila Hart - Protect Me

Cameo Brown - Second Nature

Jamallah Bergman - Sorry Wrong Number

Karen Mercury - The Obedient Servant (Siren Publishing)

Kassanna - Sexual Healing

Week Ending Oct 27, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Lizzie T. Leaf - Dead Hot

K. Lyn - Hell's Angel

Delaney Diamond - Second Chances

Tatiana March - Cosmic Forces Extra Scenes

Dahlia Rose - Masquerade

Sara Daniel - Psychic Lies (The Wiccan Haus)

Ashley Friday - My Best Friend's Wife

Billy London - Playing Dead (Dark Mocha Bites)

Francette Phal - Beautiful Disaster (The Bet)

Nenia Campbell - Cloak and Dagger (The IMA, Book #1) (Volume 1)

Katherine Cachitorie - Lovers and Takers

Tressie Lockwood - For Toron's Pride

Janet Eckford - Life in Two Parts

Gynger Fyer - Chocolate Surprise

Jeanie & Jayha - Deep in the Smart of Texas

Kate Hill - Shadowed: I'll Be Damned

Sable Grey - Big Bad Wolves

Robert C. Roman - A Christmas Evening Vigil

Denise A. Agnew - Daryk Hunter (FREE)

Marie Treanor - Hunting Karoly (FREE)

Bruce Cooke - Pearl of the Rising Sun

Delilah Hunt - To Love a Stranger (FREE)

Elizabeth Finn - Brother's Keeper

Lissa Matthews - Double Up

Jennifer Cole - Abbey's Sexual Adventure

G Fenton Summer - In The Hamptons 11 Here Comes The Judge!

Marie Rochelle -Alpha Male Incorporated: Access Granted

Tracy Zullo - Spirits Entwined

Jamallah Bergman - Special Kind of Woman

Week Ending Oct 20, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

C.J. Black - Crave the Dark

Jenna Powers - Gray's Anatomy

KT Bishop - A Cajun Halloween

Cassandre Dayne - Backstage

Nikki Noffsinger - Cursed Awakening

Celia Kyle - Stripped

Celia Kyle - Burning

Aliyah Burke - Under The Mask

Rie McGaha - Cross The Line

N.S. Charles - His Command: The Black Billionaire's Will

Shelli Quinn - Royally Devoted (Russian Royalty Tasha's story)

J. Adams - Like the Wind

Laura O'Connell - African Hearts

Steam Books and Lauren Battiste - Colorblind - Sensual Interracial BWWM Historical Erotic Romance

Nicole Mckoy - Love Like This (Interracial Young Adult Romance)

Tressie Lockwood - For Toron's Pride

Gynger Fyer – The Bucket List

Jeanie & Jayla – Elixer of Wife

Jeanie & Jayla – Hadoken!

Melyssa Jay - Leashed

Mikala Ash - Protect and Serve: Realm of Night

Sable Grey - Big Bad Wolves

Deanna Lee - Under the Sea

Beth Wedding – Dirty Lace

Lucy Felthouse - Raising the Bar

Madeline Baker - The Spirit Path

Taige Crenshaw - Golden Seduction (FREE )

Kassanna - Spells Gone Wild

W. Lynn Chantale - Love's Deadly Touch

Tim Smith - Never Look Back

Tim Smith - Memories Die Last

Michele Zurlo - Safe Word: Oasis: Wanting Wilder

Kaitlyn O'Connor - Clone Wars: Armageddon

Viola Russell - Buried Truths

Dariel Raye - Jordan's Wings

Raven Starr - To Start Again

Dahlia Rose - And Baby Makes Three

Downy Davis- Gideon Knight  Alpha Angel

W. Michael Farmer - Hombrecito's Search

A.J. Llewellyn - Tall With Room(October 22)

Lisabet Sarai - Mastering Maya (22nd October VIP Release offer 10%)

Week Ending Oct 13, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Tatiana March – Cosmic Forces

Vristen Pierce – On the Rox

Selena Illyria – Seven Sins Inn: Pietro and Callisto

LaVerne Thompson – Dragon's Heart

Vera Roberts – Hot Like Fire

Iris Deorre – The Review

Mercedes Keyes and Lawrence James – Flight of Fancy (Cora's Daughters - The Fancy Series)

Vacirca Vaughn – The Makeover

Vacirca Vaughn – Ayiti: Continued

Yvette Hines – Pleasuring the Queen (Maraloo Warriors)

Celeste Anwar – Revenge Sex

C. Jackson – First Time For Everything (Jules and Noah Chronicles)

Deena Bright – Schooled

Desiree Dyers – Santa Barbara: Paying the Price (Part 3)

Desiree Dyers – The Series: Paying the Price

Venice Kennedy – Blackout in the Garden of Love (Love Blooms Series)

Delilah Fawkes – Lush Curves (A BBW Erotic Romance)

Catriana Sommers – Bound by Blood (The Arcanus Series)

Pepper Espinoza – You're The One

Charisma Knight - Denying Bjorn

Milana Howard – Must be Michelle

Lora Leigh – Shattered Legacy (FREE)

Elizabeth Lapthorne – Desperate and Dateless (FREE)

Nicky Penttila – Babysitting the Billionaire

Dakota Trace  - Choosing Rena, Book Six of the Doms of Chicago

Candace Blevins – Safeword: Matte

Cain Berlinger - Corporate Game 3: The Two Mr. Wheelers

Stephanie Jean Smith – Love In A Nick Of Time

Abigail Barnette – Triple Play

B.L. Bonita - Dark Sun Rising

Serena Yates - Autumn Quest (15th October VIP Release offer 10% off)

Aliyah Burke, Taige Crenshaw – Taber (15th October VIP Release offer 10%)

Week Ending Oct 6, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Ambrielle Kirk - Wolf's Haven

Jennifer Willows - Please Me: Parisian Punishment

Jennifer Willows - Another Man's Woman

Michel Prince - The Beam

Alexandra Kane - Darkness Rising: PHOENIX Files Book 1

Nana Malone - Sexy In Stilettos

Capri Montgomery - Redemption

Kianna Alexander - Kissing the Captain

Don Gale - Sins of the Fathers

Angela Kay Austin - Love All Over Me

David W. Huffstetler - Blood on the Cards (A Jack Harden Mystery)

Jaide Fox - Untamed (Shadowmere)

Ruthie Robinson - When You Fall

Jenna Bennett - Cutthroat Business Mysteries Boxed Set 1-5 (Savannah Martin mystery)

Eve Langlais - Freakn' Shifters Bundle (3-in-1)

Cassandre Dayne and P. Halle Swelter - Phoenix

D. F. Krieger - Prey

Reana Malori - Change of Heart

Nevea Lane - Falling Leaves of Autumn

Nikki Winter - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Eve Vaughn, Kira Stone, Emma Ray Garrett and Mardi Ballou - Rookery Cove Collection Vol. 1

Kerry Adrienne - Pharaoh, Mine

Petie McCarty - Everglades

Tielle St.Clare - Simon's Bliss (25% Off  This IS NOT an IR but a highly recommended read)

Melody Lane - Ice Cream Man

Rhonda L. Print - Justified

Barbara Karmazin - Down Came a Blackbird

Brien Michaels - As Long As You're Mine

Kimberly Lane - A Love Like This

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Halloween

Jamallah Bergman - Special Kind of Woman

Bailey Bradford – Esau (1st October - VIP Release offer 10% off 29th October - General release)

Week Ending Sept 29, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Nia K. Foxx - Gargoyle's Challenge

Melissa Kyeyune - Miguel and Grace

Shelby Clark - Unexpected Love

Tigra Luna LeMar - Taming Vega

Marilyn Lee - All of a Sudden (Stormwaters)

Karen Kennedy Samoranos -  Big Lies in Small Town

Yvonne Nicolas, Carrie RO and Fiona Jayde - Designing Love

Angelina Rain, Lorraine Nelson, Sonia Hightower and Nikki Prince - Cauldron of Tales

D' Maude Cherry - Never Forgotten

K.S. Augustin - Overclocked

Bill Meyer - Forgiven Another Novel

Rhys Ford - Dirty Secret

BB Rowell - The Ex Killer

Teejay  Lecapois - The  Paths  Some  Brothers  Take

Jeffrey Ballam - Out of the Past (October 1)

Michel Prince - The Guardian's Heart

Britt Kenley - Guardian's Gamble (Siren Publishing)

Eden Connor - Wildly Inappropriate

Week Ending Sept 22, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Ranae Rose - A Taste of Honey

Xakara - Its Sweetest Form

Bethany Cross - Curiosity

Melissa Blue - Down With Cupid Shorts Bundle

Cassandre Dayne - Hot Summer Nights: Rio

Cassandre Dayne - Maintenance Man

Dahlia Rose - Army Beasts 2042

M. J. Kane - A Heart Not Easily Broken (The Butterfly Memoirs)

Nichelle Gregory, Andrea Grimm and Tasha Chanelle - Vitamin P

D' Maude Cherry - The Lost and Found

Donna Every - The Merger Mogul

Kenya Wright - The Burning Bush (A Dark Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance Series)

L. Shannon - The Jade Triangle

LaTeisha Newton - Theirs to Claim

Rita & Giovanni Gambino - Undercover Secrets

Zenobia Renquist - Wet Undercurrent

Cheryl Dragon - Last Man

Petie McCarty - Everglades

Jamie K. Schmidt - Otaku

Adonis Devereux - A Lotus for the Regent

Jade James - Capture, Inc Applying for Pleasure

Kimberly Lane - A Love Like This

Kenna Divens - The Carnal Chess

Ancelli Richardson - If Only We Knew

Ancelli Richardson - Stronger Than Ever

R.J. Lynn-  Across The Divide

Jade Alyse - When You Come to Me

Lila Hart - Best Vacation Ever

Carolyn Gibbs - Love and the Economy

A.J. Llewellyn - Tall With Room(24th September 10% off)

Week Ending Sept 15, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Rawiya - Sugar Daddy

Lenise Lee Sweet - Uncertainty

Sam Cheever - Cupid Only Rings Twice

Sabrina Lockheart - Sugar Mama

Sam Cheever - Deep, Dark, Desire

D' maude Cherry - This precious life

Delilah Hunt - Worth The Price (Hart's Fall, Montana)

Herman Franck - East West Marriage

Celeste Anwar - Resurrection

Jaide Fox - His Forbidden Fruit

Latrivia Nelson - The Contingency Plan (The Lonely Heart Series)

Adrianna Dane - White Leather And No Regrets

Ambrielle Kirk - Hard Drive

Ambrielle Kirk - Unleash: Soul Bond, Book 2

Fae Sutherland - Sky Riders{9C3CF1AB-5D88-45E1-A4FF-71FB3EA50B97}

Zenobia Renquist – Wet Undercurrent

Deanna Lee - Bang!

Anna Leigh Keaton - The Happy Housewife

Louisa Bacio - A Date With Death

Madeline Baker - Cheyenne Surrender

Nikki Prince - Demon Mine

Lena Matthews - Brown Sugar

Cain Berlinger - Summerland 3: Other Voices

Jade Alyse - When You Come to Me

Carol Carnes - More Detail Skylark

Erosa Knowles - Jaleesa's Pleasure

Mahalia Levey - Only Skin Deep

Amber Kell - Back to Hell (17th September)

Nichelle Gregory - Ample Delights (17th September)

Week Ending Sept 8, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Marie Rochelle - Ruthless

Ambrielle Kirk - Mz Mechanic

P D Singer - On Call Dancing

Justine Elyot - Bewitched in Budapest

Sabrina Lockheart - Girth Wind And Fire

Tara A. Lee - The Ultimate Test

KT Bishop - Jackpot of Hearts

Cassandre Dayne - Praying for Time

Celeste Anwar - Carnal Knowledge (Carnal Desires)

Ella Ardent - Exposure (The Plume)

Aurora Dupree - Seduced by the President

LD Sledge - Dawn's Revenge

Lori Clark - The Email Ordered Wife

Josephine Law - Once Upon A Time

Marilyn Lee - Family Night (Stormwaters)

Vera Roberts - The Painter

Rae Winters - Tangled Sheets

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor: Eternal Lovers

Marie Rochelle - Chance Meeting

Lyric James - Halloween Wish

Jessica E Subject - Sudden Breakaway

Keva D - Eyes To Die For

Annette Shelley - Reunion with David

Lora Leigh - Marly's Choice  (FREE  Download NOTE: This is not an IR)

Roberta Gellis - Siren Song (FREE  Download NOTE: This is not an IR)

Jean Maxwell - El Precio

Selena Kitt - Falling Down

Lynette Ferreira - When we Love

Marilyn Lee - More Detail A Cheating Situation

Betty Brooks - The Color of the Heart

Paige Bennett - To Sir With Lust

Raven Starr - The Cursed Drum

Honey Jans - Arrested By Her Sheik Part 5

Cooper McKenzie - The Proposal Tree

Cheryl Dragon - Believing In Dreamland

Temple Hogan – Devil’s Own

Moira Rogers - Impulse

Dahlia Rose - A Dragon's Honor

Lisabet Sarai - Quarantine (Paperback Sept 10, 2012)

Week Ending Sept 1, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Capri Montgomery - Deliverance

Capri Montgomery - Sworn to Secrecy

Theodora Taylor - Her Viking Wolf

Elle Chardou - Love Voodoo

Savannah J. Frierson - The Beauty Within Interludes

Mia Loveless - Ebony & Ivory Erotic Tale

F McInnerney - The Newly Familiar

Marteeka Karland - Wanted

Liz Stafford - Damsel in Distress

Jonathan Wright - GHost

Kate Hill - Shadowed Alaskan Flame

Cain Berlinger - Cowboys and Indians

Marie Rochelle - Hunks: Pulled Over

Crymsyn Hart - Devil's Tavern III: Possession

Anastasia Rabiyah &Daphne Monet - Elf Desire

Moira Rogers - Impulse (Sept 4)

Lydia Michaels - White Chocolate

Dawne Prochilo - Finding Kennedy

Nichelle Gregory - Ample Delights

Taige Crenshaw – Hurricane

Week Ending Aug 25, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Yvette Hines - Pleasuring the Queen

Nana Malone - Game, Set, Match

Charisma Cole - Malaya and Jared

Laurel Cremant - Negotiating Skills

Nadia Kim - Reflection

Alex Anders - Aladdin & His Prince Charming: In the Dragon's Den

Sultana Jones - Innocent Blood

Alie Infante, Carin Gotlib and Soleil Burgess - A Slow Time to Love

S.W. Frank - ANNIHILATION (Alfonzo)

Maria McKenzie - Escape: Book One of The Unchained Trilogy

C. Jackson - Friendly Arrangements Made Over Coffee

Azura Ice - Darkest Kiss, Darkest Bliss

Rachell Nicole - An Affair Across Times Square

Destiny Wallace - Party Girl, Inc.

Veronica Tower - Rock Idol

K. A. Mitchell - But My Boyfriend Is

Eve Vaughn - Laid Bear

Samantha Sunrayne - My Ex's New Lover

Jaime Reese & RJ Scott - A Better Man

Amber Kell - Back to Hell

Dawne Prochilo - Finding Kennedy (27th August - pre-release offer 10% off)

Taige Crenshaw – Hurricane (27th August - pre-release offer 10% off)

Nichelle Gregory - Ample Delights (27th August - pre-release offer 10% off)

Jenn Nixon - Lucky's Charm

Week Ending Aug 18, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Alex Jones - Drown

Remmy Duchene - The Second Time Around

Miss Janelly - Nervous III: Her Secrets

Yvette Hines - Slightly Sinful

Ann Montclair - Good Things Come In Tall Packages

Rajah Smart - Black Rain

BJ Thornton - Love Throws Dominoes

Bisi Leyton - Wisteria (Wisteria Series)

Juliet Chastain - To Tempt a Gypsy: Gypsy Lovers, Book 4

Adrienne Giordano - Relentless Pursuit{E2291172-8CFB-4A26-81CF-FEA5981F73FC}

Alice Gaines - Marked

Anna Leigh Keaton - The Happy Housewife

Fierce Dolan - Traveler Through Darkness

Lynette Hall Hampton - US Murders: Georgia

K. B. Forrest - Kitsune Tsuki's Possession

Marisa Chenery - A Warrior to Love

Belita Renn - Blizzard Stranger

Dahlia DeWinters - The Wisest Maiden

Elizabeth Abigail James - The Last Visitor

Jill Robi - Fangirl

Marilyn Lee - A Cheating Situation

K. A. Mitchell - But My Boyfriend Is (Aug 21)

Eve Vaughn - Laid Bear (Aug 21)

Thayer King - The Matchmaker

Amber Kell - Back to Hell (20th August - pre-release offer 10% off)

Maria Claire Payne - Sounding the Depths

Week Ending Aug 11, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Cora Blu - Max

K. Victoria Chase - Rafael

Mallorie Griffin - Faithful, Unfaithful

Rhett Rochelle - Her Little Secret

Miss Janelly - Practice Makes Perfect

Sarah Thompson - A Taste of Love

Jennifer James - Long Time Coming

Kate Grey - For His Pleasure

Vallory Vance -Music For Her Soul

Cat Marsters - Empire (Collection)

Camryn Rhys - Off the Record

Madeline Baker - Lakota Love Song

Delilah Hunt - To Love a Stranger

Azure Boone - The Devil Wants a China Doll

Nona Raines - Uncollared

Carol Ann Culbert Johnson - Damien and Carolyn (Short Story)

Viola Russell - The Doctor and the War Widow

LaVerne Thompson - Highland Jack

Bailey Bradford- Gilbert

Freddy MacKay - Incubation

Week Ending Aug 4, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Remmy Duchene - Hot Summer Nights: Montserrat

Elise Marion - The Lady Knights of Barony

Capri Montgomery - Explosive: Deadly Connections

Capri Montgomery - Hydra

Iris Deorre - A Shattered Heart

Jeanie & Jayha - Viva la Revolution!

Yvonne Thomas - A Special Relationship

Katherine Cachitorie - Loving Her Soul Mate

Mia Loveless - Fling in Paris

Deneice Tarbox - Finding Love for a Cynic

Nicole Green - His Melody

Renee Wynn - Seasoned Just Right

Rose Blues - The Future's Past

Reana Malori and Janet Eckford - Falling into Love (Falling Falls Series)

Savannah J. Frierson - Trolling Nights  Interludes

Becky S. Araujo - Three Strong Words

Christa Wick - Black Gold

Sapphire R. Kheegan - A Bluest Crimson (The Blue Crimson Trilogy)

Ancelli - Stronger Than Ever (My Best Friend)

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor: Eternal Lovers

R W Shannon – Finding Home

Jeffe Kennedy - Rogue's Pawn{2BA8825E-4B7A-45F1-9A3F-273EC10F618C}

Jacqueline Paige - Harvest Dreams

Stephanie Williams - The Landscaper

Shelley Munro - Lovers At Last

Danica Avet - Primal Song

Madeline Baker - Reckless Embrace

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy - Red in the Hood

Rosanna Leo - Sweet Hell

Marilyn Lee - Beauty Is Alisha Hoover

Albert Long - More Detail The Foundation

Carol Carnes - Skylark

Aswad - Romeo & Julian A Story of Love & Hate

Jordan Grace - Black Butterfly

Anastasia Rabiyah - Naughty Nine

Stella and Audra Price - The Assassin, the Djinn and the Hundred Year Wish

Vivian Arend - Black Gold (Aug 7)

Cathryn Cade - Rolling in the Deep

Aisling Keegan - Roxanne's Redemption

Roland Graeme - JEWELS FOR VISHNU (Siren Publishing)

Liz Davis - SLIVERS OF MOONLIGHT (Siren Publishing)

Gracie C. McKeever & Gigi Moore - MAIA'S MAGICKAL MATES (Siren Publishing)

Sabrina Luna - A Cowboy's Promise

Bailey Bradford- Gilbert (6th August)

Week Ending July 28, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

O'Neil De Noux - Mafia Aphrodite

Lenise Lee - Beautiful

Lenise Lee - Under the Golden Sky

Naomi Jones - After Midnight Delight

Drea Riley - An Unbirthday Treat

Nevea Lane - Java Rain

RaeLynn Blue - Memories of Mermaids

Valjeanne Jeffers - Mocha Faeryland

Nikki Prince - Mocha Kisses

Siobhan Kinkade - Mocha Memories

Nikki Winter - One Shot Too Many

Naomi Jones - Say the Word

Billy London - Starting Over

Elle D. Hayes - The Mocha Maven

Eden Royce - The Snow Maiden

Shara Azod & Marteeka Karland - Triple Mocha Twist

Ana J. Rows - Triple Shot Mocha

Pepper Pace – CRASH

Josephine Law – An Irish Adventure

Melissa Yin and Melissa Yuan Innes - Mr. Chef & Ms. Librarian

Pepper Pace and Hugo Morais - They Say Love is Blind

Stephanie Williams - The Landscaper (The Edge Series)

Misha Crews - Still Waters

Marv Leit - Temptation, Sin and Redemption (A Moment in Time)

S.W. Frank - Awakening: Alfonzo (Volume 5) Paperback

Tressie Lockwood – Shira

Angelina Rain - Rescued Love

J. Hali Steele - Shepherd's Watch 4: Controlled

Karen Benjamin - Bringer of the Storms

Barbara Sheridan - Dreams Deceptions And Desires

Shyla Colt - What the Heart Knows

MC Hana - Moro's Price

Sophie Pembroke - An A to Z of Love

Kindle Alexander - Reality With a Twist Series

Cathryn Cade - Rolling in the Deep

Shara Azod - Ropin' Eli

Shara Azod – Ambushed

Shara Azod – The Sheriff's Woman

Week Ending July 21, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Cora Blu - Stranded but not Alone

M.O. Kenyan - Shades of Spring 1964 : Letters to My Daughter

Cassandre Dayne - Hot Summer Nights: Bogota

Dahlia Rose - My Daddy is a Hero 4

Michel Prince - The Frozen

Sienna Mynx - Love After War

Emily Ryan Davis - Paint For Blood

Jennifer Willows - The Virgin Chronicles

D. Blakesley Falt - Saxon Brightlight, Time Surfer

Pyper - Simply

Tiana Laveen  - When Saint Goes Marching In

Rita Hestand, JOsh Shinn and Laura Shinn - Ask No Tomorrows (Dreamcatcher Series, Book 3)

Erin Hill - What's Done in the Dark: Tales from The Fires of Omiraa Universe

Peaches the Writer - Layover in Denver

Alicia McCalla – Flee A Short Story (Prequel to the Soul Eaters) (African Elemental)

Stephanie Burke - How Not to Date a Human

Kate Hill - Heart's Blood (Collection)

Barbara Sheridan - Dreams, Deceptions and Desires

JoAnne Kenrick - Shamrocked

Jan Springer - Passionate Ink

Fiona Jayde - Dark Lotus

James Cox - The Three Hour Man

Zena Wynn - True Mates 4 Claiming Shayla

Greg Jackson – Fractured Athena Rising

Pepper Pace - Juicy

Jocelyn Brabham - Kasey's Justice

Paige Bennett - Focused Desire

Janet Eckford - For All Eternity

Nikki Winter - The Viking's Pursuit

Marteeka Karland - Sweet Tart

Shara Azod - Weddings Suck

Eunice Boeve – Crossed Trails

Bridget Midway, Yvette Hines, Aliyah Burke - Taken Anthology

Week Ending July 14, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Lenise Lee - Giovanni

Lenise Lee - Nivea

Michelle M. Pillow - Temptation of the Butterfly

Delaney Diamond - The Ultimate Merger

Leila Brown - The Pearl Heartstone

Capri Montgomery - Called to Duty

Capri Montgomery - Fashionably Dead

Drea Riley - An Unbirthday Treat (31 Days of Steamy Mocha)

Connie Wilson, Nicole Lockwood, Traci Lockwood and Heather Ferrigan - Northern Lights Natural Order

Angelia Vernon Menchan – Tamara’s Return

Ziana de Bethune – Forbidden

C E Lombard, Ray Parris and Savena Budhu - Bitter Lavender

Tressi Lockwood - Shira

Tabitha Rayne - A Clockwork Butterfly

Samantha Ann King - Sharing Hailey

MM Washington - Dutifully Bound

Pepper Pace - More Detail Juicy

Teejay Lecapois - Feel  No  Shame  For   What  You  Are

Teejay Lecapois - Queen Of  The  Nubians
Teejay Lecapois - African  American  Men  And  Arab  Women

Teejay  Lecapois - For  The  Love  Of   Christendom

Kasey Moone - Bubble Bath Delight

Crymsyn Hart - Possession

Honey Jans - Arrested by her Sheik - Part 4

Dr. Sue Clifton - The Gully Path

K.T. Bishop - Listen to Your Heart

Michelle Chambers - Woman in the Portrait

Week Ending July 7, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Lenise Lee - Love at the End of the World

Lenise Lee - Rescued

Capri Montgomery - A Rancher's Love

Bethany Cross - A Simple Seduction

Melissa Schroeder - Surrender: A Little Harmless Military Romance

Brenda Heyward - Kadonna

L.E. Harner, Laura Harner - Hold Tight

Geoffrey Knight - The Declaration

Candace Mumford - The Story of Us (A Novella )

Cassandre Dayne - Hot Summer Nights: South Beach

Cassandre Dayne - Like a River

KT Bishop - Something to Believe

Dahlia Rose - Tempest

Natasha Marquis - Finding Love Again

Vicktor Alexander - Inconceivable (Tate Pack)

Vicktor Alexander - Unthinkable (Tate Pack)

Vicktor Alexander - A Very Tate Christmas

Madame Z - Chasing Pavements

Cassie Leigh Gentry - Dealing With My Own Kind

Deneice Tarbox and Devin Govaere - Finding Love for a Cynic

Priscilla Poole Rainwater and Steven Rainwater - Promise To Keep

Wynter Daniels - Desert of Desire

Nicole Green - His Melody

AlTonya Washington - A Lover's Sin Ramsey Tesano III

J.J. Wynn - Unmasked (A Venice Falls Series)

Ann de Ruig - Eddie: A South African Love Story

Taffy - Avon Family: Katrina's Chase

Marilyn Lee - Just One Look (Women of Substance)

Michelle Stimpson - Boaz Brown

Stephanie Jean Smith - No Ordinary Romance

Dahlia Rose - Take Me Higher

Tabitha Rayne - A Clockwork Butterfly

Nikki Winter - A Rancher’s Desire

Zenobia Renquist - Razor's Edge: Pre-Game Show
Kate Hill - Whisper 3: Mating Call

LaVerne Thompson - Sea Bride

Camryn Rhys - Misbegotten Gaines

Kassanna - Tell Me, Touch Me, Feel Me (Club Lexx)

Adonis Devereux - The Soldier's Lotus

Tiffany McDowell - Cream in Her Coffee

Camille Anthony - Werewulf Journals 3: Hungry Pleasures

Cain Berlinger - Tuesdays with Nathan

Kurt Steiner - Serving Sreelatha

Marilyn Lee - Yours, Only and Always

Honey Jans - Arrested By Her Sheik Part 3

Yvonne Nicolas - Black Rayne Scarlet Moon

Crystal Hubbard - Café Mazon

Ally Blue - Graceland

Aliyah Burke - Casanova in Training (9th July)

Lisabet Sarai – Quarantine (9th July)

Week Ending June 23, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Capri Montgomery - Maid for Hire & Educating Australia

Reana Malori - Accepting the Dragon

Nikki Winter - Burn For Me

Shara Azod - Dragon Claiming

RaeLynn Blue - Firebreather

Tara A. Lee - What's On the Menu?

PD Singer - On Call Afternoon

Miss Janelly - One Night Only

Jennifer Willows - Please Me: Parisian Passion

Violet Williams - After The Kiss

Melissa Blue - Talk Nerdy to Me, Down With Cupid Shorts

Nipaporn Baldwin - The Love of an Italian Dragon (The Society On Da Run)

Karen Kennedy Samoranos - Death By Bitter Waters

Nadia Aidan - The Mark of Kane

Pepper Anthony - Macy's Awakening

Isabella Jordan - Egyptian Lover (Collection)

Anna Leigh Keaton - Spice It Up

L.C. Dean - Public Adoration

Liz Crowe -Flower Passage

Petie McCarty - Everglades

Regina Carlysle - Tempting Tess

Madeline Baker - Reckless Desire

Tina Christopher - Tangled Hunger

Asha King - Wild Horses

Kasey Moone - The Wolf Who Loved Her

Justine Elyot - Cat and Mouse (Handcuffs and Lace)

Week Ending June 16, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Candace Mumford - Karma Is a Bitch

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - Hot for Teacher

Elle Stewart - Irony of Love and Violence (Irony Crime Series)

Kimberly Lane - A Love Like This

William McGaughey – Payson

Sharon Cullars - Snatched

J. Adams - Beautiful in My Eyes

Jennifer Willows - Please Me: Parisian Punishment

Susan Aylworth - A Rainbow in Paradise (Rainbow Rock Series)

Tiana Laveen - I Want Candy

Carolina Valdez - Night Train To Venice

Charisma Knight - Claiming Julia

R. W. Shannon - Brush Strokes

Elle D. Hayes - Love Interrupted

Stephanie Williams - It's a Jungle Out There

Kendra Mei Chailyn - What You Do To Me

Evan Gilbert - Made Man

Heather Elizabeth King - Tainted Love

Charlie Richards - Dominating the Wolf

Heidi Belleau & Violetta - Vane's Hawaiian Gothic

Chris Menon - Volcanic Vengeance

Kurt Steiner - Vincennes

Ms Indira - A Passage to Britannia

Anise Pemberton - The Spiral She Led Him Down

Honey Jans - Arrested by her Sheik Part 2

Sam Cheever - The Biggest Poser

Addison Avery - A Supernatural Experience

Sophia Knightly - Grill Me

Mahalia Levey - Briar's Champion

Dahlia Rose - Baby on Board

Karilyn Bentley - Werewolves in London

Week Ending June 9, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Melissa Kyeyune - A Greek God In Harlem

Rawiya - Smooth Like Latte

Sara Thacker & Sara York - Blood Demon Sacrifice

Theodora Taylor - Her Russian Billionaire

Jordan Bell - Taming London Mackenzie

Chellby Jaye -  Gabriel's Angel

Various - Keyboards and Kink

Camille Leone - JUKEBOX Volume One

Yvette Hines - Making the Man

Milana Howard - Sabrina's Song

Nana Malone - Forsaken Protector (Protectors Series #2)

S. W. Frank - ATONEMENT (Alfonzo)

Erykah Wyck - Night of the Doms

Ann Mayburn - Opal Moon

Liz Crowe - The Diplomat's Daughter

Denise McCray - Wishing for Love

Cassidy Hunter - Dubious Consent

J.C. Daniels - Sexy Little Surprises

Delilah Devlin & Paisley Smith - Charmed in the Big Easy

Shelley Munro - Fallen Idol

Shyla Colt - Lessons from the Professor

Jean Maxwell - El Mirador

Cain Berlinger - Escaping Jesus

Danielle Peterson - Our Blissful Bayou Beginnings

Nadia Aidan - The Winged Serpent (The Order of the Oath Series, Book One)

James Goodman - The Awakening (Darkness on the Plains Series, Book Two)

Mari Carr - Because It's True

Aliyah Burke &Taige Crenshaw - Saffron

Bailey Bradford - Where There's A Will

Nadia Aidan - Masochist

Week Ending June 2, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Ms. Pat - An Unusual Beginning: A Year in the Life of Arlene and David (Hardcover)

Ms. Pat - An Unusual Beginning: A Year in the Life of Arlene and David (Kindle)

Capri Montgomery - Betrayal of the Dove

Capri Montgomery - For the Love of June

Marv Leit - A Moment in Time

Patty Sarro - Beloved: a paranormal romance

Susie Taylor - Anything for Him

Emmanuella King - Illicit Attraction

Theodora Taylor - Her Viking Wolf

Ana E Ross - The Doctor's Secret Bride (Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls)

Nikki Winter and Drea Riley - Under the Tree (Simone and Friends)

Tressie Lockwood - Whisper

Naomi Jones - Landon’s Destiny

Adera Orfanelli - Razor's Edge: Snake in the Grass

Jessica E. Subject - An Unexpected Return

Zee Monodee - Once Upon a Stormy Night

Kassanna - No Regrets

Dana Littlejohn - Charles' Goddess (The Erotes Series)

Tigra Luna LeMar - Comforts of a Man

Stephanie Morris - Her Secret Pleasure

Honey Jans - Arrested by her Sheik - Part 1

Jennifer Mueller - The Devil Made Me Do It

Amber Kell - More Than Pride (28th May)

Karyn Good – Backlash

Week Ending May 26, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Miss Janelly - Me and You Against The World Part I

Capri Montgomery - Heart of Danger

Charisma Cole - The Mark

Candace Mumford - Watch Over Me

Karen Benjamin - Bringer of the Storms

Nia K. Foxx - Men of the Void The Librarian's Birthday Surprise

R W Shannon - Dark Fantasy (Harlem Nocturne)

Zenobia Renquist - Guardian's Tales: On a Whim

Denise McCray - Wishing for Love

A.J. Llewellyn - Mating Tomeo

Alysha Ellis - Warrior's Apprentice

Zena Wynn - True Mates: Claiming Shayla

Marilyn Lee - Secondhand Lover, A Marilyn Lee Confession

Raelynn Blue – Firebreather

Reana Malori - Accepting the Dragon

Nikki Winter - Burn for Me

Marteeka Karland &B Shara Azod – Dragon Claiming

Tressie Lockwood - Another Kind of Summer

Downy Davis - Transgender Hell

Maria Claire Payne - Sounding the Depths

Week Ending May 19, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx - Harmony

Leila DeSint - Confessions of a Philanthropist (London Brown, # 4)

Cassandre Dayne - Credit Card Declined

Cassandre Dayne - Done
Dakota Trace - With This Heart

Capri Montgomery - Fahrenheit

Charisma Cole - Kendra and Scott

Capri Montgomery - Saints and Sinners

Capri Montgomery - Secrets and Lies

Capri Montgomery - Seducing the Bodyguard

Capri Montgomery - The Geneva Project

Capri Montgomery - The McGregor Affair

Capri Montgomery - Vendetta

Nia K. Foxx – Sleepers The Witching Hour

Nia K. Foxx - The Vampire & the Reporter

Peaches the Writer – Layover

Tiggy Mills - Twisted Honeymoon

Anna Reith – Chiaroscuro

V.S. Morgan - The Gift

Josephine Law - The Beginning Of Rain In December

Marques Lewis Dating Jordan

Camille Anthony - Tales of the Quiet Kitty (Collection)

Sam Cheever – Foxy Splintered

Gary Van Haas - Latin Quarter

Kassanna - Sex Oughta Be Luscious

Gem Sivad - Call Me Miz

Sandra Sookoo - Two Mr. Rights

Aline de Chevigny - The Dragon's Assassin

LaVerne Thompson - Kissed By A Rose

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Ink

Suzanne Graham - Anna and the Three Generals (Profortuna Series, Book One)

Maria Claire Payne - Sounding the Depths (21st May)

Claire Croxton - Santorini Sunset

Week Ending May 12, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx - Taming the Scotsman

Melissa Blue - See Her Fall Boxed Set

Melissa Blue - See Lynne Chased

Candace Mumford - Don't Knock It. Till You Try It

Yvette Hines - Slightly Sinful (One Reckless Night)

Chellby Jaye - Friendly Opposition

Sandra Hall - Once An Outlaw

Maddy Barone - Sherry's Wolf (After the Crash)

RaeLynn Blue - Icing on the Cake

Rita Hestand - Love Rules

Mickie B. Ashling – Cleave

Jay Starre Miami - After the War

Zenobia Renquist - Pet's Pleasure

Madeline Baker - Reckless Love

L. Shannon - Blood Reign

BellaOnline - Mused The Bellaonline Literary Review

Lori Crawford- Thwarting Cupid

Asha King - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Shyla Colt – Recovery

Gigi Moore & Gracie C. McKeever – Maia’s Magical Mates (Siren Publishing)

Liz Davis – Slivers of Moonlight (Siren Publishing)

Lizzie Lynn Lee - Taken by a Nymph

Naomi James, Drea Riley and C.L. Scholey - Returned

Week Ending May 5, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

C. L. Scholey - The Rhythm of Rain

K T Bishop - Classified Love

Leila DeSint - Confessions of a Politician

Cassandre Dayne - Hot Summer Nights Key West

Yvette Hines - Illicit Christmas

Capri Montgomery - Pirate's Treasure

Capri Montgomery – Resurrected

Capri Montgomery – The Admiral's Daughter

Lonaire Drummond - Dirty Secrets

Jennifer Willows - Another Man's Woman (Late Night Delight)

RaeLynn Blue - A Heart Shaped Hogan (Native Hearts)

Melissa Schroeder - A Little Harmless Fascination: Harmless Book 7

I. M. - Telling Black Jack

Jo Jo - Dangerous Love

Zenobia Renquist - Taking It Back

Fierce Dolan - Gigolo Seduction

KT Grant - Alana's Surrender

Xondra Day - Under the Boss

Shunta Montgomery - Fashionably Fate

Tinekia Pennington - Hello Carson

Shara Azod - Rescue Me

Shara Azod - Welcome Back, Kimber

Allie Blocker and Zade Ryar - Whipped

Avril Ashton - Till Surrender (7th May)

Week Ending April 28, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Capri Montgomery - Shadow Hills: Deadly Deception

Leila DeSint - Confessions of a Whore #1 (Free)

Leila DeSint - Confessions of a Whore #2

Kristine Cayne - Deadly Addiction

Dahlia Rose  - My Daddy is a Hero 3

Dahlia Rose - Army Beasts Resurrection

James Anthony - I'll Show You Mine

Ariela Vaughn - Swim Partner

Gerry Carroll - True Romance

Olivia Brynn – Flipped

B.B. Rowell - The Ex Killer

Tiana Laveen  - The Naughty Sins of a Saint

Nikki Winter - Sweet Seduction

Zenobia Renquist - Foxy: Once Was Lost

Kate Hill – Whisper Bronzed

Gorgenia Ralph - LAKOTA PRIDE

Azura Ice - Forever Across the Stars

Lena Matthews - Seven Minutes in Heaven (FREE  for TWO Weeks)

Lena Matthews - I Never

Lena Matthews - Double Dare

Trista Ann Michaels - Fast And Furious

Kate McMurray - Out in the Field

Cain Berlinger - Gang Of Brothers

Tigra Luna LeMar - Comforts of a Man

Mildred Trent - Catch a Leopard by the Tail

Cheryl Dragon - Training Party

Karen Kay - White Eagle's Touch More

Alex Beecroft - Under the Hill: Dogfighters (May 1, 2012)

Dana Littlejohn - Releasing The Baggage

A.J. Llewellyn - Avenging Heart (April 23rd)

Week Ending April 21, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Coffy Paige - The Pleasures of Id

Cassandre Dayne - Deception, Domination and Hunted Desire

KT Bishop - Songs from the Heart

Erika E - Romance Paradise

Scott Mitchell and Lenise Lee - PS...Love You, Lust You

Pepper Pace – 11 Titles on her Amazon Author Page

Jaycee Clark – Deadly Games

Tara Lain - Sinders And Ash

Vallory Vance – Calendar Girl
Stephanie Morris - Beyond Seduction

Natalie J Damschroder - Acceptable Risks{C359C731-6461-428D-8332-55C1B6FEFF8F}

Marteeka Karland – Cowgirl Up

Billy London – The Claim

Milana Howard – Sabrina’s Song

Karen Benjamin - Bringer of the Storms

Marie Rochelle – Curiosity

Kali Willows - Double Dragon Seduction

Regina Cole - Sinful Truth

Riley Ashford - Heart of Gold

Charlie Richards - Catlin's Appaloosa

F.L. Bicknell - Making Love in the Rain (Available April 24, 2012)

Nia K Foxx - Haven: Rules of Mating

Laura Guevara, Dréa Riley, Shara Azod - New Year's Marine

Anastasia Rabiyah - Blood Angel

Andrea Dickinson - Baltimore Heat

Chloe Cole - Just One Night

Cathryn Cade - Walking in Fire

Gabriella Hewitt - Shadow Visions

Imari Jade – I just can’t Stop Loving You

A.J. Llewellyn - Avenging Heart (April 23rd)

Week Ending April 14, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Rawiya - Living In The Now

Capri Montgomery - A Wedding Story (FREE)

Stacy Deanne - The Season of Sin (Bree and Steven Interracial Romantic Suspense Series # 2)

Jewel Moore - After the Storm (All I've Ever Needed)

K R Bankston - The Master Orchestrator (The Amour Noire Collection)

Lee Patton - Forgive Me, Father

Michelle Marquis – The Mogul

Jeanie & Jayla - Can't See the Forest for the Tease

Jeanie & Jayha - Trick or Eating

Susan Edwards - White Deception{61977DE9-AB84-4818-BFDB-4474A5E87137}

Juliet Chastain - A Proper Lady's Gypsy Lover

Karen Benjamin - Bringer of the Storms

Desiree Holt - Dark Secrets

Lacey Savage - I, Nefertiti

Dahlia DeWinters - Kitty Wishes

Berengaria Brown - Twice the Love

Natalie Hancock - Dark Shadows

Cain Berlinger - Corporate Game Overtime

Taylor Thomas - Sharing Destiny

Adam Wasserman - Gyges the Terrible

Brenda Stokes Lee - Toy's Story

Theresa Scott - Careless Love

Marilyn Lee - Dear Cari

Scarlet Hunter - Dust of Darkness

Honey Jans - Ride a Cowboy: Save a Horse

Ilena F. Holder - Spanish Sands

Edward Kendrick - Abstract Realism

Angel Martinez – Diego

Dahlia Rose – Ablaze

Week Ending April 7, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Netherland St. James - Saving Jacob

Tabra Jordan - Black Market Baby

Celia Kyle, Lizzie Lynn Lee - Fierce Heat

Capri Montgomery - Shadow Hills: April Showers

Dyanne Davis - Continental Divide

David W. Cowles - A Visit to Madame Wu's

Deneice Tarbox - Healing Inc.

Capri Montgomery - Warrior Rising (Adventures Through Time)

Candace Mumford - Pleasing.Professor P

J. Adams - Say What You Need to Say

Nana Malone - Sexy in Stilettos

Brenda Stokes Lee - GI Joe and Ebony, An American Love Story

LeichelleK - Love's Shelter

A. L. Jones - Sire's Call

Susan Edwards - White Dove{39CD387A-4880-4344-9B1B-DA587759921F}

Ursula Sinclair - Something Blue

Zenobia Renquist - Pet's Pleasure

Kassanna - Keep Me Satisfied

Thayer King - Acting Witchy

Capri Montgomery - Vendetta

Alex Beecroft - Under the Hill: Bomber's Moon

Anna Taylor - Through a Glass Darkly

Aliyah Burke & Taige Crenshaw - Linc (April 9th)

Week Ending March 31, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Nia K. Foxx - Gargoyle's Mate

Nia K. Foxx - No Way Out

Lyric James - Something Wet

Leila Brown - How to Marry A Martian

Marilyn Lee - Dream Lover

Ariela Vaughn – Amazonia

Latrivia Nelson - Saving Anya (The Medlov Crime Family Series)

Marilyn Lee - Shana Mine

Laura Major - Impetuous Designs

Renee LaRuse - Tatted

James E. Williams - Alvin & Grace (Volume 1)

Empi Baryeh - Chancing Faith

Mell McKenzie - Winter Haven

Mallory Monroe - Mob Boss 3: Love and Retribution

Stephanie Morris - No Strings Attached

R W Shannon – Man of Steel

Jeanie & Jayha - Tres Leches Shake

Drea Riley - Chained

Tuesday Morrigan - The Firm (Collection)

Zenobia Renquist - Taking It Back

Camryn Rhys - Misbegotten Gaines

Camryn Rhys - Airship Seduction

Madeline Baker - Reckless Heart

Avril Ashton - Make Me Burn

Shae Wynters - A Skinwalker's Legacy's+Legacy&return_page=&user-id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact

Marilyn Lee - More Detail Secondhand Lover, A Marilyn Lee Confession

Sasha Combs - Persuasions of the Heart

Paige Bennett - Beautiful Music

K.B. Galore - The Scoundrel and The Thief

Maggie Morton - From Top to Bottom

K.T. Bishop - Cotton Patch

Jennifer Mueller - Perils of Polynesia

Bronwyn Green - Cuffed and Dangerous (Handcuffs and Lace)

Charisma Knight - Bondage and Darkness

Shara Azod - Rescue Me

Shara Azod & Marteeka Karland - Dragon Sacrifice

Jaxx Steele - And Then There Was Anthony

Shyla Colt - Recovery

Week Ending March 24, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Misha Tagliaferro - Thirst for Love

Josephine Law - The Lost Memories of Innocence (Hawthorne Family)

Josephine Law - Angel of Ash

Josephine Law - Dimitri and Love (The Romant Family)

Kimberly Lane - A Love Like This (Chapter 11)

Candace Mumford - Love Lies Lessons Tyson & Nakita (A PKC View Back Story)

J. Alexandria - Destination Savannah (Ghostly Love Series)

Lenise Lee – Beautiful

A. J. Llewellyn - Abandoned Paradise

Dahlia Rose - The Rookie

Sonia Hightower – Afterburn

Marisa Quinn - Echoes In The Wind

Red Haircrow - Caravaggio and the Swan

Jan Suzukawa - Time Gone By

April Mann - Second Choice

Jocelyn Brabham - Kasey's Justice

Netherland St. James - Way of the Wolf

Renee LaRuse - Profess Your Love

Asha King - Near To You

Anastasia Rabiyah - Hiram's Secret

Celia Kyle - A Little Bit of Fur

Letitia Blount - Lost in Betrayal

Janet Mills – One Italian Summer (FREE)

Bridget Midway - Carried Away

Week Ending March 17, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Violet Williams - Do Not Disturb 2

Theodora Taylor - The Owner of His Heart

Elise Marion - Tempted

Zenobia Renquist - Love Reversed

Marilyn Lee - Falling Hard

Melissa Blue - How Much You Want to Bet?

Lenise Lee - Brave World Chronicles

Lenise Lee - Love For A Lifetime

Lenise Lee - Romance After Dark

Lenise Lee - Sweet Bites

Ella Ardent - Deception (The Plume)

Josephine Law - Going Crazy in Georgia, The Wonder Years

Kianna Alexander - Kissing the Captain

Melissa Kyeyune - A Greek God In Harlem

J. J. Murray - I'll Be Your Everything

Jewel Adams - That Kind of Love

CeCe Monét - Lemon Truffles Love Instantly (The Chocolate Chronicles)

Adrianna Dane - Joe Gallant

Janet Eckford - At That Hour

RaeLynn Blue - Irish Luck

Milana Howard - A Lucky Chance

Drea Riley - Taming Tanner

Marisa Quinn - Echoes In The Wind

Marteeka Karland – Wanted Molotov Cocktail

Diane Dooley - Mako's Bounty

Tami Dee - Mists of Time Book3 Beyond a Viking Horizon

Andrew Grey - A Helping of Love

Avril Ashton - Far from the Usual

Candace Blevins – Safeword Matte

Koko Brown - Cooking with Sin

Evey Brett - Capriole

Cynthia Breeding - Night Fever (FREE READ)

RaeLynn Blue & Shannon Peters - TORRID TEASERS Volume 36

Aliyah Burke - If You Dare

Week Ending March 10, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Miss Janelly - Dirty Little Secret

Miss Janelly - Sincerely Yours

Karen Kennedy Samoranos - The Curious Number

Miss Janelly - Mister: Deluxe Edition

Dorian Smith - Mind Games

Nia Foxx - Gargoyle's Mate

Candace Mumford - ParkCrest View The Love Chronicles Volume 5

Julian Chan and Gill Denny – Efflorescence

Josephine Law - An Irish Adventure

Josephine Law - A Southern Duchess

Jorja Tabu - THICKER: A Contemporary Romance

Nia Foxx - No Way Out

Asil - Red

Alex Anders - Aladdin & his Prince Charming

Pepper Pace - Angel Over My Shoulder

Stephanie Casher - When Love Isn't Enough

Marisa Quinn - Echoes In The Wind

Leila Brown - Izzy's Incubus

K. Victoria Chase - Virgina Justice Book One: Serial Games

Avril Ashton - Make Me Sweat

Inari Gray - Wars of the Heart

Koko Brown - Cooking with Sin (March 13)

Jianne Carlo - White Wolf 2: The Call of a Soul

Cain Berlinger - Corporate Game

Marie Rochelle - Pulled Over

Gilbert M. Stack - Kid Sister

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Games

Jaxx Steele - Cam's Best Friend

Imari Jade - Booby Trapped and Baby Proofed

Yvette Hines - Stealing The Bride

Whispers Publisher Anthology - Returned

Week Ending March 3, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Melissa Blue - Everything You Need

Bethany Cross - Mr. Thursday Night

Lisa Y. Watson - Candid Conversations

Lisa Y. Watson - Love for the Holidays

Lisa Y. Watson Unfinished Business

Erosa Knowles - Lawked Flame

Capri Montgomery - Shadow Hills: M is for Murder

Janet Eckford - Still Another Day

Violet Williams - Margo's Night

Louisa Trent - Bittersweet

Dyanne Davis – Forget Me Not

Shelli Quinn - Captured Hearts (The Men of Five Nations International)

Capri Montgomery - Love's Last Hope (Forbidden Passions)

P. A. Brown - Latin Boyz

Dréa Riley - Wrangling Letty

Ashley Blade & Belladonna Bordeaux - Layover

Marie Rochelle - Curiosity

Diane Alberts - Absolution

Adrienne Kama - Again

Belladonna Bordeaux - Protege

Dana Littlejohn - Home With the Joneses

Week Ending Feb 25, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Sylvia Hubbard - Hope Is Love (Black Family Series)

Miss Janelly - Nervous: Emerging Secrets

B.J. McQueen - Vulpine Virgin

Pamela Lyn - Home Is Where Death Is

Lisa Greer and Elaina Lee - Sayonara

Erik Moore - To Pierce the Sky

Kimberly Lane - A Love Like This (Chapter 6)

Remmy Duchene - Rajan's Seduction (Sons of Eros)

Storm Grant - Few Are Chosen

Eden Winters - The Pirate's Gamble

K. Piet - The Fire Of Her Eyes

Susan Edwards - White Flame{266257FD-57CA-4701-A0B7-58CB4E96BEAB}

Mahalia Levey - Tell Me No Lies

A C Mason - House of Saints

Empress LaBlaque - My Sweet Cherry Rose

C M King - Promise of Love

Berengaria Brown - Twice the Love

Kassanna - Whip Me Real Good

Cain Berlinger - Cowboys and Indians

Gilbert Backers - Awakening Her Silver Passions: A Tigress to the Manor Born Novel, Book 1

Tracy Greene – Battlescars

A C Mason - His Mortal Soul

Leigh Barbour - Dreams Of Chimborazo

Theresa Scott - Eagle Dancer

Raven Starr - Eve's Revenge

T.A. Chase - Famine

Taige Crenshaw, Aliyah Burke - Devi

Marina Cross - Jackie's Red Mustang

Week Ending Feb 18, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Ursula Whistler - Basically Bad

Candy Caine - Forever Yours

Cassandre Dayne - His Wrath

Miss Janelly - Mister (Part I)

Polera North - Tentacles in Suburbia

Brandi Nicole - Breaking Down

Blair - Earning Respect

Violet Williams - Blink

Sienna Mynx - Mi Carina Diego's Wrath

Sienna Mynx - Mi Carina Risky Love

Jenna Powers - The Black Neighbor

Lynette Ferreira and Tahné S. Dobson - When we Love

Nicole Green - Pink Champagne

Anna E. Dickinson – What Answer?

Teuwanda - My Secret (Live, Love, Laugh)

Jenna Wade - Strange Encounters Of The Erotic Kind (Book 5) Ethan's Story

Pauline Patterson - Tangled Web

Ellis Carrington - Immortal Valentine

R.W. Shannon - Designing Hearts

Janet Eckford - Love Unfurled

Nikki Winter - Sweet Surprise

RaeLynn Blue - A Heart-Shaped Hogan

Marteeka Karland - Wolfsblood Fire Wolf

Sam Cheever - Dire Wolves Foxed

Karen Benjamin - Bringer of the Storms

Afton Locke - Plucking the Pearl

Jeffrey Sainio - Her Child Left At Cave A Story of Discovery

Renee Lewin - The Healer's Warrior

Renee LaRuse - In the Hands of an Outlaw

Renee LaRuse - Profess Your Love

Marie Rochelle - Hunks: Pulled Over

Nikki Winter - Change of Heart

Allie Blocker - The Argument

Marteeka Karland - Gloria's Man

Zade Ryar - Tats

Allie Blocker and Zade Ryar - Making A Baby

Shara Azod - I Hate You

Janet Eckford - Smart Man

Anthology - Subspace

Kit Sands - Wings of Fire
T.A. Chase – Famine (available 02/20/2012)

Taige Crenshaw and Aliyah Burke - Devi (available 02/20/2012)

Week Ending Feb 11, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Sable Jordan - Eros Fell

Brenda Stokes Lee - GI Joe and Ebony, An American Love Story

Peter Marriner - Captives Volume 1 & 2

Violet Williams - In His Eyes

Kiru Taye - His Strength (Men of Valor)

Anandra DeWitt - The White Nightgown

Donna Patterson - A Bitter Sweet Attraction

Amelia Elias - Broken Ties (Vampire Ties)

Pepper Pace - CRASH

J M  Snyder - Knocking Boots

Chris Quinton - Sullivan's Yard

Wes Boyd - Alone Together (The Dawnwalker Cycle)

Teejay LeCapois - When Shaka Zulu Met Kali

Teejay Lecapois – Afro Persian Romance

Teejay Lecapois - Dominant   Women of The Muslim World

Delaney Diamond - Private Acts

Naomi Jones - Christmas Surprise

Liz Stafford - An American Bulldog

Nikki Winter - Sweet Valentine

Linda Kage - The Right To Remain Mine

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor: Determined Lover

K B Alan - Sweetest Seduction

Giselle Renarde - Good Bi Valentine

Teejay LeCapois - Looking For Love And Finding Kink

Zena Wynn - Marry Me

Sam Cheever - Stealth Honeybun

Dahlia Rose - A Dragon's Lair

Anthology - Subspace (Feb 13)

Kit Sands - Wings of Fire (Feb 13)

Week Ending Feb 4, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Vicktor Alexander - Unassumed

K T Bishop - Careless Hearts

G A Hauser - Live, Love...Last

Yvette Hines - Sensual Chocolate

Dahlia Rose - Taken by Storm

Tressie Lockwood - Tripp in Love

Ella Ardent - The Plume: The First Anthology

Selena Illyria - Renny's Mate (Beach Bums Vol. 2)

Arlene Walrond - Coffee With Milk: A love story

Capri Montgomery - Seducing the Bodyguard (Men of Action)

Terry O'Reilly - Walking in Two Worlds

Netherland St. James - Way of the Wolf

Shelli Quinn - Love's Precious Surprise (The women of Landry's Landing and the Fabrizio men)

Naomi Jones – B Rated Valentine

RaeLynn Blue - Tulips for Tonica

Mahalia Levey - Burn Me if You Can

Rita Hestand - Love Rules

Marilyn Lee - Midnight Shadows

Ambrielle Kirk - The Protector

Natalie Hancock - Eternal Darkness

Johnny Miles - The Rosas of Spanish Harlem

G G  Royale - Necessary Roughness

Nichelle Gregory - Taken By Surprise

Week Ending Jan 28, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Sedonia Guillone - Soy Sauce Face

Violet Williams - Do Not Disturb

Gavin Atlas - La Playita

Jewel Moore - After the Storm

J. Adams - For Love of Angel

Sloane Taylor, Sam Cheever, Xakara and Helen Hardt - Love Notes

Marilyn Lee - Torn By Love

Elaine Corvidae - Rain on the Mountain

Savannah Stuart - Tempting Witness

Carol Rose - Always

Marcia Colette - Hazardous Environment, a Paranormal Romance

Imari Jade - Smoky Red Taboo

Lisa G. Riley - Dashing Through the Snow

La Toya Hankins - SBF Seeking

Violet Williams - My Hero, My Lover

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - Dark Star

Katherine Cachitorie - Some Came Desperate A Love Saga

Mallory Monroe - Romancing the Bulldog

Melissa Kyeyune - Miguel and Grace

Jorja Lovett - Pyramid of Passion

Veronica Scott - Priestess of the Nile{F5DE5AF1-A494-4D67-85FC-C915C3184163}

Ashley Blade & Belladonna Bordeaux - Safe Harbor

Laurann Dohner - Valiant

Stephani Hecht - Fubar

Cain Berlinger - Hercules and Nero

Aswad - Romeo & Julian  A Story of Love & Hate

Candace Gold - Crazy Love

Merris Hawk - Iced

Veronica Tower -  Snowbound Date

James Goodman - The Beginning

Nicole Dennis - A Family Found

Celia Kyle – Sexnip

Various Titles – Topaz Publishing

Felicia Cummings - Black Horizons

Karen Wiesner - Incognito Series Megabook Volume 4

Week Ending Jan 21, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Marie Rochelle - Too Hot To Touch

Capri Montgomery - No Valentine

Marlene Sexton - Ladyboy Fantasies

Vera Roberts - Gettin' It

Vera Roberts - S&M II (Scott & Mariana)

Dee Dawning - Going Deep

D. Cristiana - Kept

Lyric James - Lover's Revenge

Kenya Wright - Fire Baptized

K T Bishop - Cajun Games

Tiana Laveen - The Slave Master's Son

A. J. Llewellyn - Bunyip

Serena King – Let’s Ride

C J Black - Souls Inflamed

Sienna Mynx - For The Love Of Chocolat

Ursula Sinclair – Wine And Roses

Thayer King - Whimsy

Jessica Freely - Dharma Café

Taylor Thomas - Sharing Destiny

Maddie James - Blue

Week Ending Jan 14, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Dahlia Rose - My Daddy is a Hero

Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland - The Princess (Force Me)

Stephanie Morris - Compromising Position

Jeanie and Jayha - Next Door Flavor

Ella Ardent - Seduction (The Plume)

Doris O'Connor - Too Hot to Handle (The Giovanni Clan)

Mallory Monroe – Dutch and Gina A Scandal is Born (The President's Girlfriend Series)

Remmy Duchene - Savaro's Honey Buns (Sons of Eros)

Shara Azod - Undefeated

Nikki Winter - Truth or Dare

Jeanie and Jayha - In Search of the Fountain of Couth

Ursula Sinclair – Wine And Roses

Jean Maxwell - El Mirador

Cherry Lee - Shara Zhad Erotic Tales Book Eight

Mia Natasha - A Ghost's Chance

Tigra Luna LeMar - Badonkadonk Chicks: Too Bootilicious

Jianne Carlo - Hades Squad 4: Demon Seed

April Mann - Second Choice

Marie Rochelle - Hunks: Opposites Attract

Anastasia Rabiyah - Urden, God of Desire

Jane Toombs - Terror From Before

Em Petrova – Encompassed

Serena Yates - Helping Harry

Taige Crenshaw - Wilde Rapture

Week Ending Jan 7, 2012 (Includes Special Request)

Various – Topaz Publishing has LOTS of IRs Check it out!

G.R. Richards - Behind the Scenes

K. Piet & S.L. Armstrong - Advent: Collected Shorts

Anthology - Sin City: Six Scintillating Stories

Mya - Embraced By the Sun

Dahlia Rose - Christmas With A Scoundrel

Dahlia Rose - Holidays With You

Jayci Kyler - A Story Book Wedding

Jayci Kyler - Catch A Falling Star

Jayci Kyler- Forever Came Today

Jayci Kyler - Lady & the Geek

Julian Dane - Korbin Gets Lucki

Natasha Duncan Drake - Three Bullets

Miss Janelly - Disappearing Act

Renee LaRuse - In the Hands of an Outlaw

LaShonda Adams - Remedy for Love

Kalua Lauber - Sugar Doll's Hurricane (Free / Borrow for Amazon Prime Members)

Milana Howard - A New Year's Toast

RaeLynn Blue - An English Rose

Clarice Clique - Razor's Edge: Good Neighbors

Rachel Carrington - Mine to Take

Avery Flynn - A Dry Creek Bed

A. J. Llewellyn A Vampire Christmas

Thomas Wainwright - Erotic Tales: Volume One:Number Two

M.J. Fredrick - Guarded Hearts

Myla Jackson - Boots and Chaps Share

Shelia Goss - The Bad Twin

Sierra Cartwright – Three Way Tie

Desiree Holt - Head Games

Jan Irving - His Landlady

Justine Elyot - The Science of Submission

Elizabeth Coldwell - Away From It All

Week Ending Dec 31, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Thalia Frost - Handcuffs and Haints

Vicktor Alexander - A Very Tate Christmas

Dawn Reno – Foxglove

A. Hudson – Mine

Sophia Rhodes - Follow the Sun

Rex Thompson - For Love Nor Money

Milana Howard - A New Year's Toast

Nevea Lane - Shaking Up The New Year

Janet Eckford - The Naughty List

Doris O Connor - Awakening

Loribelle Hunt  - Kiss of Twilight{490EE92B-5145-40A5-A974-26E2EF7757DB}

Zenobia Renquist  - Love Reversed

Ann Mayburn - Amethyst Moon

K T Grant - Xavier's Loving Arms

Liz Crowe - Caught Offside

Cooper West - Games

Lyric James - Phoenix Kiss

Capri Montgomery - Shadow Hills: Fallen Hero

Miss Janelly - Always Mine (FREE DOWNLOAD)

D S Gallowey - Maggie and Alistair

Veronica Tower - Another Snowbound New Year

K.T. Bishop - Starting Over

Mercedes Langdon - Wynter's Seduction

Addison Avery - A Supernatural Experience

Moira Rogers - Deadlock Share

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - Enemy Mine

Zade Ryar - First Christmas

Week Ending Dec 24, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Lenise Lee - Falling Snow

Lenise Lee - Into The Wind

Lenise Lee - Simone Second Chances

Sienna Mynx - Illegal Affair Salvation/Volume 3

Sienna Mynx - Before Sunrise

Erosa Knowles - Special Forces Christmas

Tigra Luna LeMar Shakin - It For Daddy

Miss Janelly - Dirty Little Secrets

Shabbu - Yap, Yap

Miss Janelly and Jacqulyn Johnson - Sincerely Yours

Kimberly Purpoz and Nikki Bosompem - Wanting Destiny (Sneak Peek - Punnani Secrets)

Emma Hillman - Suck It Up (Grassroots Series, Book Two)

Frederick Regenold - NEVER: A SPIRITUAL LOVE STORY by

Rowan Speedwell - Angel Voices

RaeLynn Blue - Cake

Marteeka Karland - Magic at Midnight

Drea Riley & Nikki Winter - Under The Tree

R W Shannon - Naughty Night

Kate Richards - Gale Force Winds

R W Shannon - In From the Cold

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - Asking For It

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - Death By Sex

Billy London - On Set

Nevea Lane - Eight Ball Side Pocket

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - The Alley

Serenity King - My My My

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - The Princess

Dahlia Rose - Sleigh Bells and Rings

Week Ending Dec 17, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Marlene Sexton - The Trainee

Selena Illyria - Dragons at Midnight

Ranae Rose - Hot Ink

Kadian Tracey - Re's Redemption

Marilyn Lee - Secret Lover

Eve Langlais - Swan And The Bear

J.M. Snyder - Hot Merchandise

Allie Blocker - Cyber Lovin'

Allie Blocker - The First Time

Allie Blocker - Unconditional Surrender

Nevea Lane - Temporary Insanity

Shara Azod, Marteeka Karland - Public Display

Summer Lincolnhurst - Vanilla Fantasies

Jenna Bennett - A Done Deal (Savannah Martin mystery)

Latrivia S. Nelson - Ivy's Twisted Vine Redux

Dahlia Rose - Forever Yours

Serenity King - Through the Fire

Thirteen - Christmas Lantern

Billy London - At Midnight

Billy London - Christmas Connection

Dolce Sprodare - X Marks the Hot

Zenobia Renquist - Stripping Christmas

Deanna Lee - The Fathoms Below

Free Reads - Various Titles (Not IR's)

Sable Jordan - If It Isn't Love?

Ann Mayburn - Dreamer

Alex Anders - Baby Boy The Complete Collection

Ingeborg Lauterstein - The Water Castle

Chris Cumo - The Foursome

Capri Montgomery - The Admiral's Daughter

Madison Ava Jones - The Black House[author]=Madison+Ava+Jones&fSearchData[lang_code]=all&fSort=salesRankEver_asc&showingSubPanels=advancedSearchPanel_title_creator

Marie Rochelle - Hunks Too Hot To Touch

Karen Kay - Lakota Surrender

Michael Barnette - Auld Lang Syne

Thayer King - Winning Dawn

Shara Azod - Irresistible

Week Ending Dec 10, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Deanna Lee - The Fathoms Below

A.M. Wells - Christmas Hearts

Lyric James - Halloween Wish

Sara Reinke - Brethren Series Dark Vengeance

Crystal Hubbard - Everything In Between

Denise Smith - Our World

Letitia Blount – Rocks In My Bed

Latrivia Nelson - The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov Book One

Latrivia Nelson - The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov Vol4 (Medlov Crime Family Short Stories)

Carrie Olguin - Dreamsayer (The Five Worlds)

Empress LaBlaque - Chateeva's Charm

Theodora Taylor - The Owner of His Heart

Pepper Pace - Urban Vampire The Turning

Camille Anthony - White Hot Christmas: Santa's Treat

Selena Illyria - White Hot Christmas: Holiday Paws

Ann Mayburn - Peppermint Passion

Tina Christopher - Tangled Shadows

Delilah Hunt - Christmas and Forever

Elyzabeth M VaLey  - The Mercenary Knight

Oprah Bradford - Black Pearl

Pirri, Massa, Powers, Rose - Melange

Janet Lane Walters - Sudden Seduction

Shermaine Williams - Future Present

Ryssa Edwards - Rogue's Christmas

Jennifer Willows - Lust for Life (Siren Publishing)

Imari Jade - Smoky Red Taboo (Siren Publishing)

Jennifer Willows - Bound by Accident (Siren Publishing)

Liz Davis - Under His Spell (Siren Publishing)

Kortny Alexander - Love, Interrupted (Siren Publishing)

Stephanie Morris - The Price of Passion

C. R. Daems – The Riss Gamble

Week Ending Dec 3, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Lenise Lee - The Christmas Gift (FREE READ)

Karen Kennedy - Samoranos Road Apples

Brenda Heyward - Coming Home Shane & Kate

Marcus Lopes - Freestyle Love

Koko Brown - Player's Ultimatum

KT Bishop - A Cajun Christmas

Lexy Harper – Indra

Capri Montgomery - Fahrenheit (Men of Action)

Gemma Michael - The Perfect Woman

Jorja Tabu – WETTER An Erotic Romance

Crymsyn Hart - Three Fur All

Elle D. Hayes - Negotiating Love

R W Shannon - Midnight Muse

Thirteen - Exchange Value

Jeanie & Jayha – Interlude My Everything

Denise McCray - Continuing Legal Education

Stephanie Williams - Under the Tree

Barbara Sheridan - Unfinished Business

Taylor Ashton - Manhandled

Mahogany Brown - Deadly Beauty

Desiree Acuna - Valley of Shadows

Shermaine Williams - Taming the Alter Ego

Raven Starr - A Husband For Martha

Parker Pub Collection - What White Boyz Desire

Lena Matthews - Priceless Share

Dana Littlejohn - Christmas Goddess

Aliyah Burke, Taige Crenshaw - Talios (Available Dec 5, 2011)

Week Ending Nov 26, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Francesca Jolie - All I Want For Christmas …

Francesca Jolie - Bad Girls, Good Sex 2: Naughty Not Nice

Samara King - Scarlet Ties Taste

Samara King - Flirting With Danger

Erosa Knowles - Run To You

S. J. Nelson - Loving Lena

Desiree Day - The Reluctant Jump Off(An Erotic Tale)

Samara King - Baby, It's Witchcraft

Lenise Lee - Into The Wind

Sienna Mynx - Mi Carino (Volume 1)

Judy Powell - Some Like It Hot

Renee Lewin - The Healer's Warrior

Mallory Monroe - The President's Girlfriend 2: His Women and His Wife

Camille Anthony - Bunny Tails 5: Hare Raising Finale

Charisma Knight - Razor's Edge: Dark Veil

Ann Mayburn - Onyx Moon

Lyn Brittan - The Last Etruscan

Anthology - Indecent Encounters

Maggie Montgomery - Page 93

Jiani Yu - The Golden Dragons

Mercedes Keyes & Lawrence James - Gold Raven: Book Two

Ericka Scott - Tidings of Fear

Marie Rochelle – Me & Mrs. Jones

Tressie Lockwood - Wynter's Protection

Week Ending Nov 19, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Thalia Frost - Sexual Heeling

Liz Crowe - Tulip Princess

Marilyn Lee - Yours, Now And Forever

KT Bishop - Getting the Boot

Melissa Schroeder - Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance

Angela Weaver - No Ordinary Love

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - Rock Star

Samara King – Undressed, Inc

Reana Malori - Workout Partners

Q. Kelly - The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories

Janet Eckford - Life in Two Parts

Nevea Lane - Ronni’s Romanian

Nikki Winter - Sweet Allure

Liz Crowe - Blue Cruise

L.C. Dean - Ginger Snaps for Two

Melinda Elmore - Native Spirit

Tim Smith - Memories Die Last

Avril Ashton - In Wicked Chains

Patricia Oshier Bruening - Devil in Blue Jeans (FREE READ)

Yvette Hines - To Have And To Hold

Stephanie Burke - Cat's Paw

G.S. Wiley - Cubicle Zombies

Mercedes Langdon - Sinful Seduction

Maxine Marsh - Drawn to Darkness

Charisma Knight – Darkness Within

Week Ending Nov 12, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Kasey Moone - Overtime Play

Dahlia Rose - Embrace the Beast

Richard Burns - Sweet Chocolate's First Taste

Dahlia Rose - Thrill Me, Mr. October

Dahlia Rose - Together in November

Lisa G. Riley - Caught Up in the Rapture

Elise Marion - Fallen

Dyanne Davis - Let's Get It On

Dyanne Davis - Many Shades of Gray

David W. Cowles - A Visit to Madame Wu's

A. J. Llewellyn - Xu Again

Ambrielle Kirk - Rekindling the Flame

Marteeka Karland - One Night Forever

Elle D. Hayes - Wynter’s Blossom

Camryn Rhys - Off the Record

Belladona Bordeaux - Black Wolf's Ultimatum

Riley Ashford - Heart of Gold

Evangeline Anderson - The Man in the Black Leather Mask

Dawn Walker - The House That Jacc Built

Dawn Walker - The Protector

Jerry Pat Bolton - Margaret and David: A Love Story

Shiree McCarver - The Contract: Sunshine

Nadia Aidan - Bedtime Stories: Three Sensual Tales of Love, Lust and Romance

J R  Moody - Lily's Dark Secret

Jamallah Bergman - If Only You Knew

Week Ending Nov 5, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Hypnotic Dreams - Redemption for the Hypnotist

Erin Quinn - A Shiver At Twilight

Marilyn Lee - A Cheating Situation

Thomas Love - Plane Crash: An Erotic Story of survival and Romance

Lenise Lee - Simone: Second Chances

Kelly Wallace - Hellraiser (Erotic Romance - Romantic Comedy)

Nara Walker - The Light of Day (Legacy of Light)

J. M. Snyder - Tricked Out

Charisma Knight - Of Cheetah's Blood

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor: Forgotten Lover

Stephanie Burke - How Not to Date a Vamp

Deanna Lee - The Fathoms Below

Liz Crowe - Turkish Delights

Stormie Kent - Enslaved in Desire

Rachel Green - Another Bloody Love Story

Stephanie B. Shepherd - The Lost Memories of Innocence

Dan Conyers  - Now We're Talking (20 rousing conversation lessons)

Raven Starr - The Record Shop

Yvonne Nicolas - Shadows & Dust

Crystal Hubbard - The Stories of My Life

Alexis Ke - The Shadow Box

Alisha Rai - Veiled Seduction Share

Serena Yates - Loving Vicente

Serena Yates - Forgiving Jason

Week Ending Oct 29, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Mary Chi - Camp Kink

Marilyn Lee - Fantasy Knights

Brenda Heyward - McKinsey's Choice

Anthony Beal - Playas Of A Greater Game

Sienna Mynx - Black Butterfly

Jane Toombs - Golden Chances Book 6 - The Deceiver

Jane Toombs - Golden Chances Book 7 - The Wild Card

Maggie Price - On Dangerous Ground

Capri Montgomery - Secrets and Lies (Men of Action)

Emmanuella King - Illicit Attraction

Nara Walker - Broken Wings Episode 1 (Songbirds)

Burt Maverick - The Erotic Adventures Of Dirk Davenport

Crystal Michaels - Unconditional Ménage

Habu - 13 Ways for Halloween

Bettye Griffin - A Kiss of a Different Color

Brenda Heyward - One Soldier's Awakening: Autumn & Andrew

Tressie Lockwood – Unsuited

RW Shannon - Hells Angels

Selena Illyria - Hellhound Detective Agency: Demon's Captive

Diane Alberts - Kill Me Tomorrow

A C Mason - Firestorm

Dahlia DeWinters - Kitty Wishes

Jon Bradbury - Worst Kept Secret

Charlie Richards - Mating Kumiko

Dave Beckwith - The Great Chain of Conversation

Brenda Stanley - Like Ravens in Winter

Murdoch Hughes - Calafia

Tigra Luna LeMar - For the Love of Rei

Remmy Duchene - Caged

Jaxx Steele - Freed from Fear

Anastasia Rabiyah - Resurrecting Roland

Joely Skye - Moon Run Share

Dana Littlejohn - Releasing The Baggage

Dahlia Rose - A Dragon's Heart

Drea Riley - Once and Again

Week Ending Oct 22, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Lizzie Lynn - Lee Private Sessions

Evangeline Anderson - Found

Dominique LaSane - The Housewife Diaries

Shelli Quinn - The Baby Contract: Women of Landry's Landing and the Fabrizio Men (PAPERBACK)

Renee Wynn - The Heart Knows (Indigo)(PAPERBACK)

Lyn LeJeune - Elijah Rising (PAPERBACK)

J. Adams - Still His Woman: an Against the Odds Novelette

Erosa Knowles - Not this Time (Men of 3X CONStruction)

Jayci Kyler - Catch A Falling Star

Natalia Darque - Confessions of a Sorority Girl: Interracial Delight

Maria McKenzie - The Governor's Sons


Candy Caine - Never Is Not Forever

Delaney Diamond - Worth Waiting For

G.R. Richards - Devil's Eyes

Melody Clark - Jumlin's Spawn

Cherie De Sues - West Salem (Ravenclaw Trilogy)

Pepper Anthony - Macy's Awakening

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod - Badland Warriors: Comanche

Lyric James - Halloween Wish

Shiree McCarver - The Prince and the Panther

Adam White - The White Man's Guide to Dating Black Women

Teejay LeCapois - Don't Bring Home A White Girl !

Ashley Christman - Nightingale

JJ Keller - Jewel Heist

Zena Wynn - Seduced by a Wolf

Mahogany Brown -Deadly Beauty

Alisha Paige - UNCAGED

Stephanie Morris - Exception to the Rules

Week Ending Oct 15, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Yvette Hines, Aliyah Burke, Alexis Ke, Kelley Nyrae - What White Boyz Desire

Louisa Trent - Bring It

Brien Michaels - Can't Make You Love Me (The Stories of Us)

Jorja Tabu by Jorja Tabu -  DEEPER A Contemporary Romance

Ancelli and Devin Govaere - My Best Friend

S.J. Nelson - Loving Lena - Keeping Pace

Suzan Harden - Seasons of Magick: Summer (Paranormal Erotica)

Lori Turner - The Huffing Report

Salome Golding - Marrabenta Magic

Candace Mumford - ParkCrest View The Love Chronicles Volume 4

Ella Ardent - Surrender (Erotic Novella) (The Plume)

Dahlia Rose - A Pirate's Sacrifice

Camille Anthony - Bunny Tails 4: Bad Hare Day

Stephanie Williams - Love, Transylvania Style

Katie Allen - Chasing Her Tail

Cain Berlinger - Pharaoh's Sons

Giselle Renarde - Red Satin 3: Red Satin Christmas

Cydnae L. Sharp - Snitch!

C. L. Scholey - Memories Over Time

Week Ending Oct 8, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Roxy Wood - Layin' the Law

Kellie Kamryn - Going for Gold

Rod Stone - Mira & Me

Tammy Williams - Blindsided

Crystal Hubbard - Burn

Wynter Daniels - Fading Star

Alex Berry - I've Got You

Nicole Green - Love Out of Order

KT Bishop - Cougar Unleashed

Marilyn Lee - Marilyn Lee's Omnibus I

Y Correa - La Encantadora/The Enchantress

Kelly Wallace - Looking For Mr. Right - (An Interracial Romance)

Wynter Da - Fading Star

Pierre Coda - Flowers Need Tender Care

J. Andrews - Interracial Romance: How to Create a Successful Interracial Relationships

Desiree Day - One Toe Out

Shawn Lane - Devotedly His

Mandy Harbin - Surrounded By Pleasure

Billy London - Put out the Zombie
Delicious Thoughts - A Valentine’s Day Love Story
Dréa Riley and Nikki Winter - Talking Dirty

Cynthia Sax - Café Midnight: Grande

Elinor Carson - Lone Wolf

Terri Molina - Forget Me Not

Madame Z - Wanderland

Kate Richards - Trail Of Hearts

Dee Carney Intimate Whispers

Renee Field - Love Me Strong

Kimberly Reid - My Own Worst Frenemy

Chris Menon -  Volcanic Vengeance

Jennifer Williamson - Enigmatic Romance

At Danielle L. McGuire the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance…

Nevea Lane - Temporary Insanity

Charisma Knight - The Carpenter

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - Public Display

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - The Awakening

Imari Jade - Passion Fruit

Naomi James - Sworn

Week Ending Oct 1, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Shyla Colt - The Wanting

Julian Dane - Getting Lucki

Sarah Grimm - After Midnight

Nikki Winter - Working It Out

Shara Azod & Marteeka Karland - The Poltician

Wanda Blackwood - Professor Jones Teaches Her a Hard Lesson (Ebony Ecstasy)

Delaney Diamond - The Temptation of a Good Man

Gabriel Essex - Coming Home

Nikki Winter - Sweet Words

Ashley Blade - Valentine's Surrender

Lena Matthews - Going Up

Stephanie Burke' - The Coven: Unus

Johnny Miles - Lauderdale Hearts

Cain Berlinger – Return To Canyon Ranch

Gregory Walker - John Poland and Alice Walker, a screenplay of interracial love in 1923

Patricia Avant - Some Men Don't Know When To Quit

Kiki Eisenberg - Kinky Confessions

John Nyaga - Wells of Wealth

Shiree McCarver - All I Want for Christmas

Shiree McCarver - The Flavor Of Love

Louise Crawford - Born in Blood

Renee Williams - Grading on the Curve

Stephanie Williams - Friends Upgrade

Em Petrova – Wilder

Mari Carr - Slam Dunk

Week Ending Sept 24, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Kenya Carlton - Sweet As Sin

Anastasia Rabiyah - In the Willow Woods Oikoni Stone

Dahlia Rose - Helping Kismet

Kiana Lee - Silhouettes of Alysia & Dakken

Reana Malori - Beauty and the Geek: Hidden Depths

Jane Toombs - Golden Chances Book 1 - The Bastard

Kiana Lee - Tamed & Bonded

Victoria Wells - Second Chance at Love (Love Conquers All)

Jinx Jamison and Minx Malone - Seducing Sarah V.1 (The Madame X School of Sex)

Minx Malone - Teasing Trent (The Fast Friends Series)

Guy Willard - Blue Spring

Yvette Hines - Rescued Mate (Timberon Cat Series)

Heather Graham - Hint of Blue

Candy Caine - Christmas With A Stranger

Candy Caine – Dangerous Attraction

Candy Caine - Love With a Younger Man

Shelli Quinn - Forced into Marriage (Women of Landry's Landing and The Fabrizio men)

Dominique LaSane - The Housewife Diaries

Aurora Rose Lynn - Soul Dancer

Billy London - Said the Demon to Little Miss Eva

Lexie X - Daddy's Discipline

Changeling Anthology - ESCAPE
Ann Mayburn - Turquoise Moon

Stephanie Burke - Dangerous Heat

Jessica Freely - Broken

Cain Berlinger - Warriors

BL Bonita - Beautiful Criminal

BL Bonita - Soothe My Soul

Dahlia Rose - Army Beasts 2

Bridget Midway, Yvette Hines, Aliyah Burke - Reignited

Week Ending Sept 17, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Holly Deveraux - The She Devil

Delilah Hunt - Love Unspoken

Kiana Lee - Run

Kiana Lee - Marked

A. C. Mason - Chocolate Temptation

J.L. Jarvis – Watermarks

J. Adams - The Shelter of His Arms

G. R. Richards - Profound In His Silence

Deirdre O'Dare - The Wild Bunch: Casa

Eve Langlais - Betraying the Pack

Naima Simone - A Perfect Fit

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod - Vampires' Mate: Demetri

R.W. Shannon - Love Burns

Ann Jacobs - Necessary Roughness: Prime Defender

Kate Willoughby - Leap Of Faith

Lena Matthews - Sleepless Beauty

Jettie McCollough - Uncommon Destiny

Five Guy - Young Mitzzi

Mildred Trent and Sandra Mitchell - Beta's Challenge

Y.L. Stokes - New Beginnings

Gilbert M. Stack and Marc Hawkins - Samaritan

Vivian Arend - Black Gold Share

Giselle Renarde - Callie and the Hipsters

Empress LaBlaque - Ciao Bella

Week Ending Sept 10, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

1Place Romance Publisher – 29 pages of Interracial Titles!!!

Leilani Harvey - Truth & Consequences: The Novel

Dee Dawning - Bananaz II

Tamara Hunter - Demon Ryder (Galactic Agency)

Candace Mumford - ParkCrest View: The Love Chronicles Bundle Vol.1thru 3

Kay Akinmade - The 5 year Plan

Kat Holmes - Heart of the Queen (The Gods At Work series)

J. Adams - Guardian of My Heart

Ruthie Robinson  - Light's Out (Indigo) [Paperback & Kindle]

Tom Herrera - The Sisterhood Club (Volume 1)

Cheryl Robinson - Remember Me [Paperback]

Serenity King - The Men of Whiskey Creek: Dillon

Debra Kayn - Ride Free

Betsy Horvath - Hold Me{2704DC6F-3A30-4049-9744-A4AD99046331}

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor: Anguished Lover

Sienna Mynx - The Heist

Sandra Leigh - The Speaker

Jory Strong - Demon Familiar

Nobilis Reed - Ex Fumo, Gaudiam: From Steam, Comes Joy

Jan Irving - A Pastry Princess

Essence - Wanting Paul

Cicely J. - Black men vs. White Men; the Black Woman's Choice

Imari Jade - Twisted

Week Ending Sept 3, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Yvette Hines - By Invitation Only

Leilani Harvey - Burn: A Truth & Consequences Novella

J M  Snyder - Just What the Doctor Ordered

Erosa Knowles - Secrets

Arianna Joy - The 50 Year Old Mistress

Bente Gallagher and Jenna Bennett - Close to Home (Savannah Martin Mystery)

Shelli Quinn - Gettin' Lucky in Love

Capri Montgomery - Saints and Sinners (Men of Action)

Mercedes Keyes and Lawrence James - Beauty of Man and Woman Vol. XII (Bomaw)

Habu - The Handyman

Dyanne Davis - Taming The Bad Boy

Robert Cloud - Toy's Story's%20Story.html

Stephanie Burke - How Not To Date a Skunk

Rita Hestand - Love Rules

Ann Mayburn - Bound for Pleasure

Koko Brown - Nerds are Freaks Too

Ann Jacobs - End Run

Alex Jeffers - The Abode of Bliss: Ten Stories for Adam (Lethe Press via Amazon)

Mahalia Levey - Makhi

Cain Berlinger - Ty's Solution

Annetta Swift - The Angel Of Light

Trevor Clark - Trouble's Coming By Subway

Denise Rochelle - Last Cottonpicker: The Descent

Stephanie Williams and LaVerne Thompson - Model MisBehavior

Anastasia Rabiyah - A Walk Between Worlds

R M Brand - The Shaman’s Beacon

Augusta Li - Epiphany (eBook)

Empress LaBlaque  - A Demon in Stilettos

Week Ending Aug 27, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Candy Caine - Behind Closed Doors

Candy Caine - Forbidden Fruit

Candy Caine - Grandma's Handyman

Dakota Trace - Ace's Desire

Desiree Day - Saturday Love

Michael C. Laney - A Day In The Life Of Abagail King

Desiree Day - This Isn't Barbie's Dream House

Dirk Hessian - Blue and Gray

Renee Lewin - Arizona Allspice

Pierre Coda - Japan I Love You

K H LeMoyne - Shepherd (Phoenix Book 2) by

Giselle Renarde - Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On

Nikki Winter - Sweet Victory

Milana Howard - Taking a Gamble

Amber Kallyn - Wet: Ocean Music

Stephanie Williams - Detention

Koko Brown - Nerds Are Freaks Too (Release date Aug 31, 2011)

Sharon Richardson - My Best Friend

Nora Nicole – My Lover My Bestfriend

Serenity King - Riding the Wave

Charisma Knight – Wet

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - The Dominant

Sam Cheever - Honeybun in a Loin Cloth

Franny Armstrong - Intruder Alert!

Marilyn Lee - Sister's Keeper

Cheryl Dragon - Red Hot Party (Lucky Springs Series)

Gabriella Hewitt - Out of the Shadows

Xavier Axelson - The Incident

J. Adams - Tears of Heaven

Dahlia Rose - Empathy

Yvette Hines - The Club

Taige Crenshaw - Blackstone Haven: Vol 1

Week Ending Aug 20, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Tigra Luna Lemar - Fast Girls Are True

Violette Dubrinsky - Under a Crescent Moon

Marilyn Lee - My Mother's Man

Sienna Mynx - Baby Love

Kendra Mei Chailyn - Cruise with Me

Sienna Mynx - Illegal Affair Temptation/Volume 2

Tami Vinson - Love's Redemption

Tami Vinson - Winter's Heat

Ellison James - Pleasure Doing Business

Vivian Vincent - Midnight Encounter

Renee LaRuse - Profess Your Love (An interracial erotic romance)

Renee LaRuse - Profess Your Love (BW/AM Edition)

Tereza LeBlanc - Profess Your Love: An erotic romance (Interracial Asian Edition)

Mallory Monroe – The Presidents Girlfriend

Minx Malone - Teasing Trent (The Fast Friends Series)

Lynn Lorenz - C'est La Vie

Carolina Valdez - Old Stones And New Wine

Jeanie and Jayha - Super Series: The Wild, Wild Mess: Atlanta and Volatile: the Empress and the Executioner

Kate Hill - Inked4 Climax

Scott Winfield - Hell's Gate 2

Jon Bradbury - Worst Kept Secret

Koko Brown - Nerds Are Freaks Too (Available Aug 31)

Johnny Miles-  Lauderdale Hearts

Vonna Harper - Hunter's Captive

Johnny Miles - Learning to Samb

James Gamble - Interracial Games

Warren R. B. Dixon - When the Little Toy Dog Was New

Mahogany SilverRain - A Slave's Heart

Essence Torres- Recipe to His Heart: Jasmine's Call

Nakia J. Harlan - Wounded

B L Bonita - High Speed Hunger

Empress LaBlaque – Hellcat  on a Leash

Week Ending Aug 13, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Anne Tenino - Whitetail Rock (FREE)

Dahlia Rose - Uh Oh It's Magic

Lenise Lee - Sweet Beginnings and Spicy Endings

S. J. Nelson - Keeping Pace (Sequel to Loving Lena)

Candace Mumford - ParkCrest View The Love Chronicles Volume 2

Yvonne Ray - Vampires: Volume 1

Shirley Hailstock - Holding Up The World

Vera Roberts - S&M II (Scott & Mariana)

Dahlia Rose - Flights of Fancy

Stephanie Burke - Café Midnight: Kopi Luwak

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod - Death Bringer

Marie Harte - Whispered Words: A Power Up! Story!-Story.aspx

Lisa G Riley - After the Morning After

I T Hardy - Mistletoe Hell

Winifred Donnelly - Broken Destiny

Capri Montgomery - The Dream Stalker

Carol Ann Culbert -  Johnson Rendezvous of Love and Justice

Skhye Moncrief - Werescape II Resurrecting the Beast

Raven Starr - He's My Son

Yvonne Nicolas - Masked Desires

Empress LaBlaque - The Paper Doll

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Summer

Rebecca Royce - Love Beyond Time

Allie Blocker - Unconditional Surrender

Shara Azod - I Saw You, Baby

Nikki Winter - Working it Out

Marteeka  Karland & Shara Azod - The Politician

Week Ending Aug 6, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Sable Jordan - The Doxy's Daybook

Remmy Duchene - Caged

A.M. Wells - Time Out

Rie McGaha - Cross The Line

Dahlia Rose - August Rush

Dahlia Rose - Fireworks and Mr. July

Leilani Harvey - Intimate Details: Volume Two, The Super Naughty Edition

Dahlia Rose - Say Yes

Dahlia Rose - When September Ends

Lenise Lee  - Lenise Lee's Mixed Media

Carol Ann Culbert Johnson, Tiffany Bell and Joann Benham - Rendezvous of Love and Justice

De'ja'Vu N - A Nugget

Shiree McCarver and E. Gail Flowers - A Satyr's Tale: Zaza and Sylus (Satyr Shifter Series)

Lucie Simone - The Waterdance

Dahlia Rose - Uh Oh It's Magic

Shirelle Higgins - Wolfwitch

Jeanie and Jayha - Super Series: The Wild, Wild Mess: Atlanta and Volatile: the Empress and the Executioner

Rebecca Royce - Return to the Sea

KJ Reed - Comfort Zone

Nathalie Gray - Mechanical Rose

Koko Brown - Carnal Moves (PaperBack)

Charles Rice Gonzalez and Charlie Vazquez - From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction

Ann Mayburn - The Bodyguards' Princess'+Princess&return_page=&user-id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact

Mya - Darkness Bound

Cain Berlinger - Canyon Ranch

David Nervil - The One "Grief" (FREE EDITION)

Sondrae Bennett - Chasing Paradise

Paige Bennett - Lust and Found

Dana Littlejohn - Bobbie Rocks! (Lady Vampires 3)

Felicia Cummings - Black Horizons

Miranda Stowe - Mile High Service

Week Ending July 30, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

B.K. Wright  - Along Came Two

John Burdett  - Freedom Angel

Asil -  Dead Locke

Capri Montgomery - The McGregor Affair (Men of Action)

Shelli Quinn - A Taste of Paradise (Women of Landry's Landing and The Fabrizio men)

Latrivia S. Nelson - The Grunt (The Lonely Heart Series)

Sherrod Story and Emily Hollis - Fiona Love

Yvette St. Clair – Reciprocal

Cheryl Robinson - Remember Me (Aug 2, 2011)

Grayson Cole - Inside Out (Indigo)

Jeanie & Jayha – Walk  Softly and Carry a Big Lick

Rod Raglin - Eagleridge Bluffs

Brindle Chase - Depth Charge

K. B. Hartwell - This Child of Mine

Sasha Combs Romance - I Love You More Than Anything

A C Mason - Chocolate Damsel

Mahogany Brown - Deadly Beauty

Mahogany Brown - Another Time, Same Place

Bret Jordan - The Witch, the Hunter and the Bride

Ilena F. Holder - Thompson's Contender

Aleka Nakis - Eyes of the Dead

Jaxx Steele - Care Package

Week Ending July 23, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Reana Malori - Claiming Lana

Reana Malori - Night in Heaven

RaeLynn Blue -  Piper's Pleasure

Yvette Hines - A Piece of Me

Lenise Lee - Impulse

Renee Gipson - Midnight Sun

A C Mason - Night Reins

B K Reeves - Dark Moon Rising

LT Ville - Take me to Bed: Dear Elliot

LT Ville - Take me to Bed: Saturday Morning

A. J. Llewellyn - Naked In Hong Kong

Billy London - On Caristo’s Watch

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor: Provoked Lover

Minx Malone - Asking for Andre

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb – Buttercream

Sheryl Sorrentino - Later With Myself: The Misadventures of Millie Moskowitz

Dahlia Rose  - You're The One That I Want

Week Ending July 16, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Y Correa - In Love With Death, of the Fate Series

Catriana Sommers - Destined

Erosa Knowles - Niki's Challenge

Sienna Mynx & Madame Z - Was My Girl

Barbara Gale - The Ambassador's Vow (Paperback)

Lora Leigh - Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts)

Bill Meyer - Asian, Caucasian, Miscegenation: A Cultural Clash

Jaxx Steele - Care Package

Kim McLarin - Meeting of the Waters

Jinx Jamison - Seducing Sarah V.1 (The Madame X School of Sex)

Marie Carlson - Blazing Star

Deirdre O'Dare - You Were Always On My Mind

Mia Cherish - Three Devils In Bath

Janet Eckford A Matter of Fate 2nd edition with 551 additional words

Shane Allison - Black Fire: Gay African-American Erotica

Kate Hill - Carnal 2 (Collection)

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod - Claiming Lori

Jessica Dall - The Gospel of Abraham

Lauren Murphy - Curse of the Demon Queen

Empress LaBlaque - Perchance to Dream

B J Robinson - Last Resort

Mary Calmes – Again

Cain Berlinger - I Captured A Killer

Teresa Noelle Roberts - A Satyr for Midwinter

Anna M. Taylor - Haunted Serenade

Nicole L. Pierce - Punished by Her Sheik

Katrina Strauss - Sanctified

Honey Jans - The Sheik's Captive

Reinette - Dark Love

Yvette Hines - We Go Together

Nichelle Gregory - Taken By Surprise

Nichelle Gregory – Doll

Taige Crenshaw  - Power of Instinct

Week Ending July 9, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Shyla Colt - Don't Fear the Reaper

Sienna Mynx - Taming the Scotsman

Sienna Mynx - Illegal Affair

Sienna Mynx - Phantom

Reggie Chesterfield - Hot and Dirty Wives

Aliyah Burke & McKenna Jeffries - All the Wright Moves

Gail McFarland and Elaina Lee - The Setup

Tressie Lockwood - Bear Necessities

Crymsyn Hart - The Gathering

Nikki Winter - Sweet Surrender

Xakara - Dawn's Early Light's+Early+Light&return_page=&user-id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact

David Sullivan  - Stranded Bi the Storm

Jettie McCollough - Uncommon Destiny

Shara Azod - Irresistible

Shara Azod – Didier's Sun

Rhea Harmsen - The Harvest of Reason

Yvette Hines - We Go Together

Tressie Lockwood - Hopelessly Devoted to You

Week Ending July 2, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Gordon Kerr - Submission

Dahlia Rose - Some Kind Of Wonderful

Darragha Foster – Spell Crafted for Pleasure

Kelly Haven - Barely Legal Babysitters: Asian Sensation

Felicia Rose - MILE HIGH

Jane O'Roarke  - The Girl Says Yes

Capri Montgomery - Dream Walker (Gifted Liaison)

Bente Gallagher & Jenna Bennett - Contract Pending (Savannah Martin Mystery)

Melissa Wathington - The Right Choice

Dahlia Rose - Outlaw's Delight

Marteeka Karland - Foreplay 2nd ed (reissue with 1725 additional words)

R.W. Shannon - Nocturne

Cynnara Tregarth - Dragon Chef: Pixified

R.W. Shannon - Pink Cashmere

R.W. Shannon - Love Bites

R.W. Shannon - Love Bleeds

R.W. Shannon - Silver Moon

Rhys Ford - Dirty Kiss

N.J. Walters - MacNamara's Lady

Angela Daniels - Players

Sarah Black – Tuareg

Evelyn Shepherd - The Hunting Moon

Judith Bronte - Mountain Wild

G.S. Wiley - Dubai Dawn

Empress LaBlaQue - Her Crystal Chameleon

Rochan Morgan – Fusion

Dana Littlejohn - TORRID TEASERS Volume 55

Week Ending June 25, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Katriena Knights - Mostly Sunny with Chance of Belgian Chocolate

Shara Azod - Cabin Fever

Leilani Harvey - Kelly Renegade: Tastes So Sweet

Aubrey Leatherwood - If You Asked Me To

 Marilyn Lee - Beauty Is Alisha Hoover?

 J.M. Snyder - Lunch Break

Reana Malori - Second Chances

Donna Patterson - BitterSweet Attraction: A Tale of Interracial Dating [Kindle Edition]

Mirrah - Insatiable

Kay Akinmade and Lola Akinmade – Ama

Shara Azod - Perfect Harmony

Dahlia Rose - Some Kind Of Wonderful

Anne Ott - Windswept (Windswept Series)

R James Landets - First Love

Ambrielle Kirk - Hard Drive

Faith Talbot - Beautiful Music: Finding the Chords

Kathleen Lash - Punishing Rose

Shunta Montgomery - Sleeping Inn

Jaden Sinclair - Outerplanetary Sensations

Jerry Pat Bolton - Margaret and David: A Love Story

Jade Phillips - When You Come to Me

Week Ending June 18, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Dee Dawning - Mysta Ree

Cain Berlinger - The Tenant

S. J. Nelson - Loving Lena

Nikki Palmer - Candi Gets Revenge

Nikki Palmer - Jennifer Finds a New Daddy

Nix Winter - Meet the Morgans

Daniella Lacey - Reckless Heart

Chris William - Cheating Housewife

Y Correa - In Love With Death (The Fate Series)

Taige Crenshaw - Silken Inferno (Phoenix Intelligence Agency)

Pierre Coda - American Introduction

IMAJ - Harlow (Harlow Trilogy)

Latrivia Nelson - Finding Opa! (The Lonely Heart Series)

Grayson Cole - Inside Out (Indigo) [Paperback]

G. R. Richards - Birds Of A Feather

Mi'Chelle Dodson - Pretty Packages

Nikki Winter - Sweet Temptations

AP Miller - Ebon Goddess

Jaz Monday - The Lab Assistant

Selena Illyria - Double Dipped

Martine Jardin - Shadowed Love

Jade Phillips - When You Come to Me

Marie Rochelle - Accept My Love: Sasha

Veronica Tower - Blind Date

Empress LaBlaque - Caught in a Spider's Web

Y.L. Stokes - Dorian's Mate

L.A. Banks - Finders Keepers (NOTE:  All proceeds go to the Leslie Esdaile Fund)

L.A. Banks - Loser's Weepers (NOTE:  All proceeds go to the Leslie Esdaile Fund)

Minnette Meador - A Ghost of a Chance

Marteeka Karland - B is for Backseat Zero G Spot

Nevea Lane - B is for Backseat Waiting in Essex

Shara Azod - B is for Backseat Double Duty

A.J. Llewellyn - Gypsy Heart

Week Ending June 11, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Avril Ashton - Make Me Sweat

Kat Holmes - Working Under Covers

Mallory Monroe – Romancing Her Protector

Shelli Quinn - The Baby Contract

BJ Thornton - The Way That You Play It

Shirelle Higgins - Throne of Teresh

Garda Parker - Big Sky Season

Gaston Leroux - The Phantom of the Opera

Marie Treanor - Demon's Kiss

Cynthia Sax -  Americano Misto

Zenobia Renquist - Trapped Lover

Michelle Sutton - First Response

Vivian Vincent - Mending Hearts: Love Eternal Book One

David Huffstetler - Blood on the Pen

Rae Lori - One Evening in London

Rae Lori - Before Dawn Breaks

Zetta Brown - Her Baby's Daddy

Christopher Newman - My Beloved Enemy

Natalie Dae - Pretty Miss Luo

Jay Gold, Jay Silver - The Black Man (The White Man's Guide to da' Black Man's World)

Dahlia Rose - Night and Day

Melissa Schroeder - A Little Harmless Addiction Share
Imari Jade -  Saranghae (I Love You)

Theresa Scott - Captive Legacy

Check outPillow Talk eBooks:  It is all about "IR Books".

Week Ending June 4, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Leslie Lee Sanders  - All About a Kiss

Nona Wesley - Perfect Harmony: Stories of Interracial Passion

Leilani Harvey - Truth Be Told

Mallory Monroe – Romancing The Bulldog

Delta Dupree - Blind Heat

Charles Willeford - Honey Gal

Laura Major – Mismatched

Naima Simone - Loving the Beast

Lizzie Lynn Lee - Wet

Leilani Harvey - Breaking Day

Jade Phillips - When You Come to Me

Anthology - Melange

Sindee Lynn - Prince's Donor

Tara Newlands - Forever Tonight

Theresa Scott - Love Rehab

Raven Starr - Tainted Blood

Anna Taylor - Through a Glass Darkly

Week Ending May 28, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Shermaine Williams - Lean and Mean

Erosa Knowles - Where There's Smoke...

Jinx Jamison - Seducing Sarah V.1 (The Madame X School of Sex)

Matt Buttsworth - The Three Loves of Eliza Caine

Dirk Hessian - Colonel's Treasure

Amira Press Anthology - Mating Season

R. Richard – Adventurer: Simulator Problem

David Arrayet – KIMA

Samantha Kane - Love in Exile

L J Baker - Promises, Promises

Ann Mayburn - Blessed

Amber Green - Khyber Run

Giselle Renarde - Five Body Blade

Dawné Dominique - Bonamy & Clyde

Cheryl Dragon - Winner Takes All

Week Ending May 21, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Marilyn Lee - Finding Love Again

Giselle Renarde - My Mistress' Thighs: Entire Series

Leilani Harvey - Consequences Never Hurt

Christine DePetrillo - For the Love of Liberty (Publisher: Whispers)

Tysche Dwai - The River God's Bride (Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press)

Jude Atkins - Hot Blood and Cold Ashes

Jax Cassidy - Shibuya Moment

Laura Lynn Monk - Marked by Temptation

Dyanne Davis - FLIGHT 22

Delaney Diamond - Fight for Love

Thirteen - Garden of Earthly Delights

Em Petrova - Trois

Deborah Merrell - Miami Spice

Stephanie Williams - It's a Jungle Out There

Pearl Cleage - Just Wanna Testify

Capri Montgomery - The Admiral's Daughter

Chris Cumo - The Foursome

Jordan McClung - Spirit, a Bildungsroman

Tigr Luna LeMar - For the Love of Rei

Stephanie Morris – Caught Up In the Moment

Jennifer Mueller - Breath of the Desert

Empress LaBlaQue - My Italian Vendetta

Raven Knight - Tell Me Something Good

Sharon Buchbinder - Desire and Deception

Kris Klein - Heart & Seoul

Shara Azod - Double Up

Laura Guevara - Cowboy Loving Night

Reana Malori - Claiming Lana

Shara Azod - Didier's Sun (Note:  This is part of the Chevalier Series)

Empress LaBlaque - Cat's Desire

Week Ending May 14, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Jude Atkins - Hot Blood and Cold Ashes

Lenise Lee - New Sensations


Laura Lynn Monk - Marked by Temptation

Tressie Lockwood - Stripped Bear

Wynter Daniels - Protective Custody{F9EF841B-9160-4C9D-8745-9113F35A7763}

Zenobia Renquist - Café Midnight: Chamomile Nights

Christopher Newman - The Swashbuckling Yarn of Milady Vixen

Shiree McCarver - Beauty & the Geek: Zola's Magic Touch

Lenise Lee - New Sensations

Sheree L. Greer - Once and Future Lovers

Carol Lynne - Cattle Valley: Hawk's Landing

Taige Crenshaw - Power of Instinct

Shermaine Williams - Art of the Written Word

Week Ending May 7, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Dana Littlejohn - What A Ride!

Nona Wesley A Little Less Conversation

Marilyn Lee - Secondhand Lover

Jenna Bennett - Cutthroat Business

H. M. Mann - Mistaken Identities

H. M. Mann – Mrs. Mayor

H. M. Mann – Needy Greedy Love

H. M. Mann – Paint

H. M. Mann - Wan Yu and Tonya Save the World ... Twice!

H. M. Mann - The Worst Romance Novel Ever Written

Erin Hill - What's Done in the Dark: Tales from The Fires of Omiraa Universe

Latrivia Nelson - The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 3

Jeanie & Jayha - Tyrannosaurus Sex

Rileigh St. James – Peaches

Lynette Ferreira - The Great Divide

Empress LaBlaQue - Wearing Big Girl Panties

Sam Cheever - Honeybun Sheik Honeybun Cousins: Book 2

Veronica Tower - The Runaway

Week Ending April 30, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx - On the Wings of Love (FREE)

Kit Tunstall - Picture Perfect

Sylvia Hubbard - Sin's Iniquity

Delta Dupree - SISTER LOVE

Tori Pierce - Dancing After Dark (Erotica Short Story)

Giselle Renarde - Anonymous

Laura Major – Mismatched

Violette Dubrinsky - Bound

Stacy Deanne - Giving up the Ghost (Hardcover)

Mahalia Levey - Burn Me if You Can

Stephanie Williams - For Research Purposes Only

A C Mason - Surrendering to the Right Man

Jeanie and Jayha - Tres Leches Shake

Charisma Knight - Five Black Roses

Serinity King - A Night to Remember

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - His Willing Prey

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - Silken  Ties

Shara Azod - I Heard You, Baby

Shara Azod - Chemical Reaction

Week Ending April 23, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Dakota Trace - Cheveyo's Claiming

Sienna Mynx - Daisy's Choice

Dahlia Rose - April's Fool

Dahlia Rose - Marines of May

Dahlia Rose - Mr. June

Dyanne Davis - THE AFFAIR

Stephanie Morris - Long, Slow Surrender

Anthology - Hot Shots: Volume 1

RW Shannon - Nocturne

Billy London - An Old Cake Tale

Janet Eckford - Time for You and Time for Me

Selena Illyria - Dragon Kin: Resistance

Karen Benjamin - Her Wild Magic

A C Mason - Surrendering to the Right Man

Stephanie Williams - For Research Purposes Only

Anthology - Indecent Encounters

Powers, Cumo, Borghe, MacNair -  Strange Desires 2 Anthology

Empress LaBlaQue - Black Satin Confessions

Eve Summers - Elevator With a View

Justine Elyot - Cat and Mouse

Cheryl Dragon - Birthday Party Surprise

Diane Taylor - Egyptian Moon

Aliyah Burke - The Right to Love

Week Ending April 16, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Alex Berry - Coming to Terms

Selena Illyria - Cupid's Bargain

Shermaine Williams - Remote Control

Dee Dawning - Felicity Jones; The Whole Story

Delilah Hunt - Riding the Storm

Emma Petersen - Branded

Louisa Trent - Johari Goes Kinky

Sienna Mynx - Queen Isra Daughter of the Sun

Abigail Barnette - Awakening Delilah

Desiree Day and Shelia Goss - Chocolate & Pecan Swirl

Capri Montgomery - Dangerous Obsessions

Keith Lee Johnson - A Matter of Race (The Men of the Little Girl Lost Series)

Deirdre O'Dare - Guilty By Innocence

Michelle Marquis - By Instinct Alone

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor 1: Charmed Lover

Marteeka Karland - Badland Warriors: Spartans

Aubrey Leatherwood - Fan Mail

Naima Simone - Love and Protect

A. J. Llewellyn - Eivissa

Avril Ashton - One Wicked Night

Christie Gordon - Holding on to the Past

Danielle Monsch - Loving A Fairy Godmother

Jan Irving - Loving Kindness

Suzanne Graham - Three Signatures for the Lady

Yvette Hines - Designed for Love

Week Ending April 9, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Aliyah Burke,   Taige Crenshaw, and McKenna Jeffries – Kismet (FREE)

Aliyah Burke,   Taige Crenshaw, and McKenna Jeffries - Magnetism(FREE)

Aliyah Burke,   Taige Crenshaw, and McKenna Jeffries  - Sentinel(FREE)

Leilani Harvey - Kelly Renegade: Behind the Scene

Esmeralda Greene - Brown and Pink

Shara Azod - The Chevlaiers : Remy Goes to Therapy (Kindle)

Bronwyn Green - Overlord's Chosen (Dark Destinies)

Constance Pennington Smythe - WSB Club (Chastity Cuckold Tales)


Charisma Knight -  Of Wolf's Blood

Lisa Paitz Spindler  - The Spiral Path{2C4C9F95-FAF6-41B4-B290-42BC097BA6DB}

Kat Davis -  It's Time

Carie Lawson - Twisted Roots Book One: Beyond Africa

Dee Carney - All Aboard

Jacqui Morrison  - Kaitlyn Wolfe: Crown Attorney (Published By : Lachesis Publishing)

Tess MacKall - Latin Rhythm (Published By : Pink Petal Books)

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - Gabriel's Redemption

Erica Kane - Torn

Marilyn Lee - Finding Love Again (FREE)

Veronica Tower - Strip Poker (FREE)

Anthony Stevens -  Guardian Knight  Common Ground Series: Book 3

Sharon Buchbinder - Desire and Deception

Em Petrova – Trefoil

Bridget Midway - Last Call

Week Ending April 2, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Albert Russo - Eclipse Over Lake Tanganyika

Albert Russo - Mixed Blood

Albert Russo - The Black Ancestor

Aliyah Burke, Taige Crenshaw, McKenna Jeffries - Osborne's Shelter (FREE)

Remmy Duchene - Straight Through The Heart

Alex Berry - At His Beck and Call

Wynter Daniels and Jaxadora Designs - Game of Smoke and Mirrors

Carla Victoria Wallace and Dwan Abrams - Love Never Fails

Val Kovalin - Call And Answer

Delaney Diamond - The Arrangement

Thirteen - A Special Occasion

Kate Douglas and Aubrey Ross and Eve Vaughn - Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol. 4 (Collection)

Dhampir Desire 2: Primal Passion by Evie Balos

Stephanie Williams – House Arrest

Suz deMello - Phoenix and Dragon

Melissa Cassel - Slavery and Its Consequences

Evelyn Horne -  Double Down

Summer Devon - The Mad Baron

Valentina Heart - Resisting the Temptation

Teejay  LeCapois - The  Haitian  And  The  Quebec
Teejay  LeCapois - The  Goddess  of  Montreal

B L Bonita - Soothe My Soul

Stacy Deanne - Giving Up The Ghost Book 1

Serenity King - A is for Amazon Rainforest: Claiming Sydney

Janet Eckford - A is for Amazon Rainforest:  Love’s Bloom by

RaeLynn Blue  -  is for Amazon Rainforest : A Wild Heart

Shara Azod - A is for Amazon Rainforest: Lost & Found

Shara Azod - New Orleans (Collection of 5 Chevalier Books)

Michele Zurlo - TIME TO PRETEND (Published by: Siren Publishing)

Thayer King - Friends

Daniel Rasic - The Pirates Of Aden

Week Ending March 26, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Addison Avery - FOR BLOOD AND FIRE

Angie Daniels - Tease (Fienin')
Deatri King Bey - Diamond In The Rough: An Ugly Duckling Tale
Leila Brown - Solstice Heat [Kindle Edition]
Yazmin Taylor - Blazing Passions (Flame On)
Shara Azod  &  RaeLynn Blue - Inferno (Flame On) [Kindle Edition]
Arianna DeCole - Island Seduction (A Sensual Romantic Novella)

Tiffany Ashley - Love Script: Deluxe Edition [Kindle Edition]
AJ Penstarr - Hands of Fate: Eros and Sarafina (Fate Series)

Dee Dawning - Amateur Night

Jess C Scott – Jack In The Box

Jess C Scott – Take-Out, Part 1 (Asian Fetish, Interracial Erotica, Small Town America)

Erosa Knowles - Ultimate Breed

Jacqueline Sue - Cornbread and Dim Sum:Memoir of a Heart Glow Romance

Shara Azod - Ties That Bind Part 4

Shelli Quinn - Wedding Day Deception (The men of Five Nations International)

Adam White - The Interracial Dating Book For Black Women Who Want To Date White Men [Kindle Edition]

Shawn Lane - Accidentally His

Kathleen Rowland - Mining Evermore

D C Juris - Follow His Heart

Delilah Hunt - Dragon's Lair

Brannan Black - Blind Passion, A Wolfman Tale

Camille Anthony - Wylder Magick

Jon Bradbury - The Favor

Nicola E. Sheridan - Magical Gains

Sable Jordan - Different Shades of Gray

Anthology - Dreams & Desires, vol. 4 (paperback)

Emily Carrington - Dragon Food

G.G. Royale - Necessary Roughness

Julie Miliner - The Sharecropper's Daughter

Aliyah Burke – The Detective’s Lover

Marie Rochelle - A Rancher's Promise

Victoria Wells - Caliente Nights

Jennifer Mueller - Finest Island of the World

Eve Summers - If You Like Pina Coladas

Koko Brown - Kisses and Curses

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Treat Snowbound Series: Book 5

Marie Rochelle - Taking Care of Business

Bronwyn Green - Overlord's Chosen

Lynn Hagen - STORMY EYES [Brac Pack 5]
Siren Publishings

Tiffany Parker – Barriers of Trust

Nichelle Gregory - Hearts and Diamonds

C.L. Scholey - A Lesson in Espionage

Week Ending March 19, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Dahlia Rose - Text in the City

Jess C Scott - AFF (Asian Factual Fiction)

Taige Crenshaw - Indigo Rain

Dahlia Rose - Army Beasts

Reana Malori - Salvation: The Italian's Story

Sienna Mynx - St.Patty's Baby!

Reana Malori -  With Me

Erosa Knowles - Ready for Love

Shara Azod - Stronger Than Me

Sindee Lynn - Unexpected Packages


Rhea Harmsen - The Harvest of Reason

K. Carlton – Brazil

Billy London - At Last

Laura Guevara - Little Red and the Big, Bad Vampire

Camille Anthony and Aubrey Ross and Eve Vaughn - Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol. 3

Anne Kane - Bad Medicine: Covert Wishes

Avril Ashton - A Wicked Ride

Sindra van Yssel - Purple Passion

Sylvia Black  - Soul Brother A Comedy Drama Play

J J Massa - The Montgomery Family Chronicles : Acting Like Family

Patricia Avant - Some Men Don't Know When To Quit

Joyce M. Johnson - Henrietha

Stephanie B. Shepherd - The Lost Memories of Innocence

Tsunami - Love Is A House

Marie Rochelle - A Rancher's Promise

RaeLynn Blue & Drea Riley - Forever Irish

Week Ending March 12, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Aliyah Burke, Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries - Brawich's Way (FREE)

Aliyah Burke, Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries - Cami's Surrender (Free)

S. J. Nelson - I'm Here for You

James Lewis - SELLOUT

Stacy Deanne - Giving Up The Ghost Book 1

Marilyn Lee - Sampler Two.

Raven Starr - To Start Again

Nadia Aidan – Centurion's Honor

Tuesday Morrigan - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Evanne Lorraine - Camille's Capture

Cain Berlinger - What They Don't Tell You

Chris Cumo - The Foursome

Sindee Lynn - Prince's Donor

Joanna A. McKethan - Lady in White

Michael Boatman - The Sisterhood of Shadows

Week Ending Mar 5, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Helen Hardt - Montego Lay

J.M. Snyder - Pleasure Cruise

Sasha Combs - The Senator's Choice

J. R. Nakken - Sweet Grass Season

Kate Douglas – HELLFIR 
Lynsay Sands - BORN TO BITE 

David Macinnis Gill – Soul Enchilada 
Jamie Sobrato -  Baby under the Mistletoe 
Trenice Carter - Who Would Have Thought?: The Men of Adonis

Deborah A. Hodge - The Witness (Publisher Romance Divine LLC)

Denise McCray - Bared Essentials

Ursula Sinclair - Something Blue

C. Zampa - Candy G

AJ Llewellyn – Fixated

Jaime Samms - Flowers for Tokyo

Johnny Miles - Lauderdale Hearts

Sasha Combs - Romancing Merci Lord

Sasha Combs - I Remember When...

Sasha Combs - Love Beyond Paradise

Sasha Combs - Persuasions of the Heart

Lori Turner - George On My Mind

Lori Turner - All I Ever Wanted...

Kate Dupree - Black Africa, White Woman (Freee Download)

Teejay LeCapois - The Haitian And The Asian Lady

Robert Buckley – THE SLAVE TAG

Alexis Ke - The Scorpion Queen

Prudence Foster - Devil Eyes

Week Ending Feb 26, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Celia Kyle - Wicked Prey

Brenda Heyward - Love and Grief: Aubrey and Danele

Dee Dawing - DUPED!

Phillip Thomas Duck – Modesty

Renee LaRuse - Symmetry

Lorraine Kennedy - Indian Outlaw


Giselle Renarde - Painting With Brushes

Nitanni Chionne - Activity Partner

Crymsyn Hart - Possession

Alcamia Payne - The Jewel Box

Marie Rochelle - Alpha Male Incorporated: Under Your Protection

Jennifer Mueller - Egyptian Days

C.A. Hubbard- Doctor's Orders

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Vacation

Addison Avery - A Supernatural Experience

Jaxx Steele - Marked for Life

Charisma Knight - Dark Hearts of Charm City

Week Ending Feb 19, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Sommer Marsden  - Dirtyville: 13 Tales Of Small Town Naughty

S. J. Nelson - Training Jeri

RaeLynn Blue - Beauty & the Geek: Rocket to Love

Sienna Mynx - Funny Valentine

Leslie Midnight - Eye of the Tiger Reincarnation Exists

Patrick Gabridge - Tornado Siren, a love story

Alex Berry - I Feel You

Ambrielle Kirk – Donor

Billy London – Windows

Anthology - Black Fire: Gay African-American Erotica  (editor Shane Allison)

Bonnie Dee - Captive Bride{E3D5E644-B6A5-48E1-8AC7-ACD627AF9BC5}

Marteeka Karland - Wanted: White Russian

Donna Del Oro - Born to Sing

Neil Plakcy - Mi Amor

Jianne Carlo - Lucifer's Choice

Leila Brown - Solstice Heat

Shirley Carnegie - A Shadow Passing

Stephanie Morris - Too Close for Comfort

Aliyah Burke - When Stars Collide

Carol Lynne - Cattle Valley: Ghost from the Past

Alyssa Turner – Send

Week Ending Feb 12, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Tressie Lockwood - Way to Love

Dahlia Rose - Gypsy Moon

Angie Daniels - Tease (Fienin') [Kindle Edition]

S.J. Nelson - Training Jeri [Kindle Edition]

Ruthie Robinson - Steady (Indigo – Available for PreOrder)

Grant Wilson - Sweet Revenge [Paperback]

H R Kitte Rojas - Overcoming [Paperback]

Nicole Green - Davis Years (Indigo)
Trisha Haddad & Monica Haddad - Nihon Nights (Indigo)

Adora Bennett - Allegro (Indigo)

Kimberly Kaye Terry – To Love A Wilde (Available for PreOrder)

Kimberly Kaye Terry – Desire a Wilde (Available for PreOrder)
K. C. Hall - Heartbreaker [Paperback]

Tressie Lockwood - Shifting Secrets [Paperback]

Jordyn Tracey -  Lunar Currents [Paperback]
Yvette Ford - Sixteen Going on Undead [Paperback]

Jewell Adams – Various Titles
Anthology - Indecent Encounters

Lenise Lee – Various Titles
Ambrielle Kirk– Various Titles
Erosa Knowles – Special Forces
Erosa Knowles – Have I Told You Lately

Empress LaBlaque – Various Titles
Dee Dawning – Various Titles
Kimberly Kaye Terry – Various Titles
Shara Azod – Various Titles

Marie Rochelle – Various Titles

Anah Crow & Dianne Fox - Going The Distance

Yazmin Taylor - Groan with the Wind

Selena Illyria - Dragon Kin: Binding Katrina

Melinda Elmore – White Hawk

 J. Morgan - Love Bites Book Four: Lovers of the Lost Stake

Stephanie Burkhart  - Budapest Moon Book Two: The Count's Lair

Nadia Aidan - Play by Play

Ann Jacobs - End Run

Nick Armbrister - Eastern Song

Kendra Mei Chailyn - See No Evil

Amanda Holt – Bound: A Post-Apocalyptic Lust Story

Jaxx Steele - Claiming Cupid

Lena Matthews - Still the One

Monica Kaye - The Business of Pleasure

Cain Berlinger - Inside the Box

Robyn Gant - In Laws and Play Cousins

Anthony Stevens - Guardian Dawn

Mickie Sherwood - Nicked Hearts

Cheryl Dragon - Joining the Party

Dana Littlejohn - Spanking Cupid

Dahlia Rose – Star Spangled Valentine

Week Ending Feb 5, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx The Accidental Mistress
Published By: The Divas Pen LLC

Heather Rainier  - Heavenly Angel Divine Creek Ranch 3

AJ Penstarr - Hands of Fate: Eros and Sarafina (Fate Series)

Kisha Fowler - The Vampire Quadrants :  One

Yvette A Lynn - Seth's Promise

Yvette A Lynn - Captive

Yvette A Lynn - The Vampire's Surge

RaeLynn Blue - Turbo Lift Love

Freda Vasilopoulos - Wolf's Prey

Delilah Hunt - Hell's Angel

Zenobia Renquist - Harley on the Rocks

Jaime Samms - Flowers for Tokyo

Teresa D'Amario - Leopard's Key (Pre-Order)

Anthology -  Dreams & Desires, vol. 4

Monica Kaye - The Business of Pleasure

Jennifer Cole - Reclaiming Zarah


Zade Ryar - Journals of a Man in Love: Movie Night

Zade Ryar - Journals of a Man in Love: Halloween

Imari Jade, Mae Powers, Carla F Cripps - Anthology: Must Love Cats

Nancy Pirri, JJMassa, Mae Powers, Karen Rose – Anthology: Melange

Ellen Margret, Elizabeth Eden, Jane Carver - Anthology: Heavens Above

Herbert Grosshans, Mae Powers, Randall Lang, KC Foster - Anthology: Midnight Raunch

Rebekah Copas - A Book Called "L"  (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Aliyah Burke - Born To Fly Wild As The Wind

Taige Crenshaw  - Power of Attraction

Marina Cross - Daniel

Arline Chase - Out of Control

Week Ending Jan 29, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Valerie Mann - Feel Again

Latrivia S. Nelson - Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (The Medlov Crime Family Series

Erosa Knowles - Have I Told You Lately? (The Men of 3X CONStruction)

Tami VanGurp - Love's Redemption

Leslie Midnight  - STRIKING BACK - The Death of a Pornographer…

Tiana Laveen  - Cross Climax I

Deirdre O'Dare - Canine TLC

Crymsyn Hart - Alison's Pride

Jeanie and Jayha - Spring Ache

Amber Kallyn - Dragos 2: Scorched

Violette Dubrinsky - Fallen: Tale of a Dark God

Raven Starr - Separate, But Together

Shiree McCarver- All I Want for Christmas

Julie Miliner - The Sharecropper's Daughter

O'Nika Barnette - Escape in love

Imari Jade - Hell and High Waters

Yvette Hines - Prisoner Of Desire

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Valentine's Day

Kali Willows - Social Holly Unconditional Love Series: Book 2

Dana Littlejohn - Jada and the Sea Prince

Week Ending Jan 22, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Dahlia Rose - Cowboys of January

Dahlia Rose - Mr. February

Dahlia Rose - Spank Me, Mr. March

J.M. Snyder - Order Up

Ann Dennis - And Then There Was Light

Alcamia Payne - The Hot Chulala

Marilyn Lee - Soul Mates

Carolina Valdez - Night Train To New Orleans

Jeanie and Jayha - In Love and Trust by

Charisma Knight - Ménage Unchained

Stephani Hecht - Tears of Blood

Madeline Baker - Under Apache Skies

Amy Talbot - The Rajah’s Chosen Bride

Johnny Miles - Lauderdale Hearts

Cain Berlinger - Prison Boy Toy

Taurayi Chikwakwata - Destiny

Robert W. Birch - Time for Lovers

Yvette Hines - Arrested Heart

Leanore Elliott - Soul Redemption

Week Ending Jan 15, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Francesca Jolie - Completely Wet : Kinky Erotic Stories For Women

Arianna DeCole - Island Seduction

Marilyn Lee – Sampler

Ryan Field -  Billabong Bang

Cain Berlinger – Obsession

April Mann - Second Chance

Marie Rochelle - Roadside Strangers 2: Chance Meeting

Eve Langlais - Cleopatra's Men

Empress LaBlaQue - An Empress for Pantheon

Jess Anastasi - Dead Reality

Dana Littlejohn - Behind the Wings

Reinette - Dark Love

Imari Jade – In Deep Kimchi

Kayla Janz - SAPPHIRE BLUE, G.E.M.S. Book 1

Alyssa Turner – Send

Margaret Scott - Heads or Tails

Week Ending Jan 8, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Delaney Diamond - The Arrangement

Mark McKenna - The Word Gang

Marteeka Karland - Spiced Rum

Shara Azod - The Chevaliers  Thierry's Angel (Chevalier Saga) [Kindle Edition]

Marie Rochelle - So Much Better [Kindle Edition]

Ryan Field - Dirty Little Virgin

Jeanie and Jayha - Hadoken!

Jeanie and Jayha - Ride or Why Chick

Jayha Leigh - The Wild, Wild Be My Guest: Tron

Vijaya Schartz - Crusader

Kate Douglas and Eve Vaughn and Alice Gaines - Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol. 1 (Collection)

Delilah Hunt - Tempting Mr. Parker

T. S. Walker - Tiana, Steele and Spencer

Mae Powers - Power & Pleasure

Mercedes Keyes - The Fancy

Veronica Tower - Snowbound New Year

Shermaine Williams  - Lady in Red

Week Ending Jan 1, 2011 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx - Leather Straps Love

RaeLynn Blue - Operative Attraction

Cain Berlinger - Intuition

Berengaria Brown - Changing Cherry

Jeanie and Jayha - You Can Lead a Norse to Water but You Can’t Make Him Kink

G.G. Royale - The New Game

Selena Illyria - Roman

Teresa D'Amario - Leopard's Key (Pre-Order)

Nicole Kimberling - The Red Thread of Forever Love

Charles Frank Robinson - Forsaking All Others: A True Story of Interracial Sex and Revenge in the 1880s South

Mahogany Brown – Deadly Beauty

Marie Rochelle - Grayson Special Delivery Series: Book 3

Week Ending Dec 25 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Week Ending Dec 18 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Yvette Hines - On the Prowl

Yvette Hines - Rescued Mate

Yvette Hines - Holiday Fantasy

Kadian Tracey - Re's Curse

Kitti Bernetti - Desert Nights

Habu - Homeward Bound

Dahlia Rose - The Right Christmas

Erosa Knowles - Special Forces

Terry Jordan - 1699: A Vampire Novel [Kindle Edition]

Crymsyn Hart - Possession

Nevea Lane - Disturbing the Yuletide

Jeanie Johnson - Volatile: The Empress And The Executioner (Revised)

Eve Vaughn  -  Merry's Christmas Ménage

Jonathan Wright - Garou: White Vampire

Kate Hill - Alpha Delicious: Silky's Master

Kendra Mei Chailyn - Home for Christmas

Sam Cheever - Bits 'n' Bytes up

Eve Vaughn - Holiday Hell

G.G. Royale - The Adoration of Addana

Cain Berlinger -  The Hit

Shiree McCarver - Eternally I Do

Jaxx Steele - Christmas Nick for Everyone

Dana Littlejohn - Reindeer Games

Kasey Moone - Her Snowbound Knight

Zena Wynn - Cyn's Dragon

Marie Rochelle - Business or Pleasure Tycoon Club

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Christmas

Sam Cheever - The Shadow of a Honeybun Honeybun Cousins: Book 1

Charisma Knight - Alone

Jordyn Tracey - Lunar Currents

Week Ending Dec 11 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Jacqueline Moore - CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE

Dréa Riley - A Trick of Frost

David Smith - The Rebound

Noel Kasey - Chamber of Secrets

Jess C Scott - Asian Sex Stories, Interracial, Small Town America (Take-Out, Part 1)

Kimberly Kaye Terry - Hot to Touch

Trixie Stilletto The Martian Affair

Michelle L. Levigne - Liar, Liar, Hearts On Fire

Naima Simone - Claiming Christmas

Delilah Hunt - The Vampire's Pet

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod - MINE!

Ciana Stone - A Taste for Jazz

Stacy Schiff - Cleopatra: A Life

Giselle Renarde - All The Way

Mary Calmes - Trusted Bond

Denise Rochelle M - Last Cottonpicker: The Descent

Marie Rochelle - More Than Friends Brad

Aliyah Burke - A Man Like No Other

Alex Jordaine - Naked For The Mistress

Week Ending Dec 4 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Rusty Saber - Begging For More

Nevea Lane - Black Licorice Forever

Reana Malori  - Praline Dreams

Marilyn Lee - Blue Desert Heat Part Two

Coco Pulliam - Invisible Husband (Amazon)

BJ Thornton - Check Mated: Jackie & Reyes

Reana Malori - CHANGE OF HEART


Heather Rainier  - Her Gentle Giant, Part 1: No Regrets

Ambrielle Kirk - The Promise

Tuesday Morrigan - Christmas Cookies: Frost Bite

Desert Breeze FREE DOWNLOADS – Various Titles and Authors

Cain Berlinger - Intensity

Janet Eckford - Beauty & the Geek: I Heart Geeks

Marie Rochelle  - The Caught Collection

K.D. King - Torn

Kris Klein - Someone Else's Man

Aliyah Burke - A Man Like No Other (Dec 6th)

Nichelle Gregory - Lovin' Leela

Week Ending Nov 27 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Kallysten - I'll Be Home For Christmas'll Be Home For Christmas

Leilani Harvey - Closer Than You Know

Giselle Renarde - The Night Before Red Satin Christmas

Shara Azod and RaeLynn Blue - Lyrical Magic

Rae Lori - Within the Shadows of Mortals

Helen Louise Caroll - Out Of The Rut

Raquel Mulgrew - A Summer Rain

Rachel Smith - Hidden Hearts      

Marteeka Karland - Feels Like Home

Violette Dubrinsky - Christmas Miracle

Carlanime Bligh - Demon's Layer

Selena Illyria - Tartan Mate

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb & Lisa G. Riley – Stolen

Elizabeth Silver & Jenny Urban - Where the Heart Is

Scott and Emma Kelly - Headhunter

Shermaine Williams - The Second Challenge

Em Brown - All Wrapped up for Christmas

Coco Pulliam - Invisible Husband

Dahlia Rose – Dear Santa

Week Ending Nov 20 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Dakota Trace - Her Christmas Wish

Latrivia Nelson - The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov (The Medlov Crime Family Short Story Series

Sasha Combs - Echoes of Déjà vu

Vanessa Womack - Paint the Sky Purple

Larenz Mann - What Happens In Vegas

Jeanie and Jayha - Trick or Eating

Kendra Mei Chailyn  - Dance With Me

Mahalia Levey - Demonic Persuasion

Stewart Ronen - The Goat Herder

Elizabeth Abigail James -  The Last Visitor

Empress LaBlaQue - Cornbread & Caviar

Kev Henley - Polar Opposites

Stephanie Morris – Too Close For Comfort

Week Ending Nov 13 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx - Buttercup

Constance Pennington Smythe - Black Owned (Chastity Cuckold Tales)

Delaney Diamond - The Arrangement

Zenobia Renquist - Rite Men for Maya

Anna Leigh Keaton - Inferno: The Game

Dee Carney - With a Cherry on Top

Deena Remeil - Brethren Beginnings (Free Read)

Anne Douglas - Red Skirt, Cool Fountain

Sasha Combs - Laissez-Faire Rendezvous


Olivia Nadia - Milk in his Coffee

Marilyn Lee - Blue Desert Heat Part One

Selena Illyria - Draven's Crossing: Tempestuous Crossings

Lynne Tierney - The Jaguar and the Redhead

Sherry Derr Wille - A Father's Love

Dahlia Rose - Black Magic Seduction

Week Ending Nov 6 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Kimberly Kaye Terry, Beverly Jenkins, Adrianne Byrd, Adrianne Byrd - Once Upon a Holiday: Holiday Heat\Candy Christmas\Chocolate Truffles

Candace Gold - Cruel

Cain Berlinger - The Timekeeper

Marcel Martineaux - Marcel et Moi (A Tricky Memoir)

Dahlia Rose - When Wolfe Calls

Reana Malori - Escape to Heaven

Sienna Mynx - Wolf Bait

Vivi Dumas – Soul Catcher

Mary Suzanne - Devil Night

Kadian Tracey - Re's Curse

Roxy Harte - Voyeur

Robert Ray - Transcendence

Caela Night and Mae Powers - Weres in the City 3

Marie Rochelle - Roped Into You

Jaxx Steele - Healing The Beast Within

Stacy Deanne - Giving Up The Ghost Book 1 (Pre-Order)

Diana DeRicci - Shifted Perceptions

Kimberly Kaye Terry - Dominique's Release

Tressie Lockwood - Something Unexpected


Week Ending Oct 30 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Sienna Mynx - Your Blues Aint Like Mine

Shara Azod - Shara Azod's Flavors:  Habañero Cocoa

Janet Eckford  - Shara Azod's Flavors:  Pineapple Crush

Sienna Mynx, Erica Langdon, and MB Wright - Aiden's Game

G. R. Richards - Camp

Charisma Knight - Revealing Thorn

Cindi Myers - A Willing Spirit

Janet Eckford - Goddess Chosen

Belinda McBride - Imperative (Collection)

Cain Berlinger -  Penance

Aphrodite Lee - DEVIANT

Shontaine - Complexity

Lenise Lee - An Angel For Ms. Right

Travis Hunter - Dark Child

Wanda DeGolier – Raymond

Dahlia Rose – Thirst

Week Ending Oct 16 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Leilani Harvey - Aidan's Return & Summer Frenzy

Giselle Renarde - Cuff Divers

Sasha Combs - I Love You More Than Anything...

Carolina Valdez - Inhabiting The Night

Nevea Lane - Stunt 101

RaeLynn Blue - Penelope's Surrender

Ambrielle Kirk - Liaison: Soul Bond Book 1

Selena Illyria - Family Heirlooms: In Her Fantasies

Vivi Dumas – Salvation

Martine Jardin - Shadowed Love

Shara Azod - Hot Holiday Ménages

Teejay LeCapois - Our Secret Lives

Aliyah Burke - Born to Fly: You Save Me

Anastasia Rabiyah - An Arrangement of Three

Veronica Tower - Tricks

Katica Locke - Tricks N Treats: Bad Candy

Janet Eckford -  Pineapple Crush

Shara Azod  - Habeñero Chocolate

Week Ending Oct 9, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Leilani Harvey - One Taste Is Never Enough (Hunger #2)

Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton - Desiring Dixie

Danielle Dubois - Savage Conquest

Hayden Wills - Thailand : from Nowhere to Nee
Sienna Mynx  - Turbulence

Tressie Lockwood -  Desire Among Thieves

Cara McKenna - Dirty Thirty

Haven Isley - Memphis Rising

Rae Lori - Before Dawn Breaks (Print)

Nevea Lane - Private Dancer (Free DownLoad)

Nevea Lane - After Five (Free DownLoad)

Nathan Kilgore - The Capture of the Sabine Women

April Mann - Second Glance

Jordyn Tracey - Lunar Currents

Week Ending Oct 2, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Shelli Quinn - Playa's Game

Elissa Gabrielle - A Whisper to A Scream

G. R. Richards - The Brothers Of Hogg's Hollow

Samara King - The Panty Affair

Kenn Dahll - Starting Over

Beverly Barton - Don't Cry (Note: Secondary characters are BW/WM)

Adrianna Dane - Public Lives, Private Pleasures

Shiree McCarver – Visual Kei Rock Star

Ann Simko - The Coyote's Song

Marilyn Meredith - Invisible Path

Mildred Riley - Fit to be Tied

Parker Anthology - Curvalicious

LaVerne Thompson - Living on the Edge

Kim Dare - Handcuffs and Headlocks

Destiny Blaine - A Dragon's Fire

Week Ending Sept 25, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Madelynne Ellis - Woe in Kabukicho

Sedonia Guillone - Fallon's Jewel

Anna Leigh Keaton - Where There's Smoke [To Serve and Protect 3]

Imari Jade - On the Warpath

Dorothy Koomson - Goodnight, Beautiful (Sept 28)

Evelynne Fox - Black Male

Sam Cheever - Bound by Blood

Michelle Marquis - Night Fall

Serenity King - Diamond’s Seduction

Janet Eckford - To Balance the Gray

Ambrielle Kirk - Special Client

KT Grant - The Claiming of Suzy

Aleksandr Voinov and Barbara Sheridan - First Blood

Lena Matthews - Something Worth Fighting For (Print)

Camille Anthony - Werewulf Journals 3: Hungry Pleasures

April Mann - Second Glance

Shiree McCarver – Visual Kei Rock Star

Luna Charles - Men are Not the Problem

Patricia Snodgrass - Glorious

Parker Publishing Anthology – Caliente

HD Hatcher - A Cold Dark Place

Vogue - Diamonds in the Rough

Crymsyn Hart - Bitten By Love

Eve Summers - Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Theresa Scott - Savage Revenge

TA Ford - Scarlet Diaries

Imari Jade – On The Warpath

Nadia Aidan - On A Whim

Week Ending Sept 18, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Dee Dawning - DUMPED!

RaeLynn Blue - Moonbeams & Stardust: Halo's Heart

Selene Noreen - Amethyst Flames

Stacy Deanne - Melody

Chicki Brown - Have You Seen Her?

Geoff Aggeler - The Firewatcher

David Drum - Introducing the Richest Family in America

Marilyn Lee - Large, Shy, And Beautiful

Cain Berlinger - Sebastian

Anah Crow & Dianne Fox - Driven To Distraction

Michelle Marquis - Night Fall

Mahalia Levey - Flaws and All

RaeLynn Blue - IGO: Save for Shardae

Yvonne Kristine - In the Presence of Karma (Publisher: Infinity Books)

Roxy Harte - Painted Lady

Empress LaBlaque - My Sweet Cherry Rose
Nelsea Fagerlund - Lola's Guilt

Sasha Combs - Flirting With Indiscretion

Kayla Perrin - Irresistible Desire: Everlasting Love/Sweet Honesty/Flirting with Danger

Gorgenia Ralph - Lakota Pride

Angel Martinez - Diego

Sam Cheever - A Honeybun in Hell

Ann Lory - Brandon's Way

Dahlia Rose – Sweets For My Sweet

Judith Rochelle - Redemption

Week Ending Sept 11, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Marilyn Lee - Where You Find It

RaeLynn Blue - Thy Neighbor's Wife

Lenise Lee - After the Sunset

Denise Skelton - Until Now (Kindle Edition)

Drew Hunt - Rough Road to Happiness

Barry Lowe - Bucks Night

James W. Lewis – Sellout

Habu - Ravens Roost

Stephanie Morris – Beyond Seduction

Madeline Baker - Love's Serenade

Jianne Carlo - Mediterranean Mambo: Carnal in Cannes

April Mann - Second Glance

Pamela Turton - Sex and The Spirit

Sally Royer Derr - Daughters of Hollywood

Carolina Barbour - WATCH ME, DESIRE ME
Siren Publishing:

Nana Malone - Game, Set, Match

Week Ending Sept 4, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Yvette Hines - Shot at Love

Dee Dawning - Love is Everything Volume 1

Megan Hart - Naked

Joanne Skerrett - My Best White Friend

Alec Aahan - Indian Heat

Toni Westbrooks - Games We Play: A Novel

Drea Riley - Slow Bucking

Mildred Riley - Fit To Be Tied (Parker Publishing)

KoKo Brown - Carnal Moves

Lisa G. Riley  - Off Like a Prom Dress: Give Yourself to Me

IT Hardy - Mistletoe Hell

Sasha Combs - Persuasions of the Heart (Paperback)

Yvonne Nicolas - Black Rayne Silent Screams

Zade Ryar - Allie in Handcuffs

Zade Ryar - After Run Shower

Zade Ryar - Game Night

Tressie Lockwood – Teach Me To Love





Week Ending Aug 21, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Barry Lowe - Jolly Rogering (Sequel to Four on the Floor)

Dee Dawning - Groovin' 'n Waikiki (Love is Everything

Madeline Baker - Love's Serenade

Madeline Baker - Shadows Through

Selena Illyria - Unbound Passions: Sealed Desires

Janet Eckford -  A Matter of Fate

PJ Dean – The Felig Chronicles

RaeLynn Blue - Moonbeams & Stardust: Star Seduction

Crystal Hubbard - Paradise Found (Print)

Raven Starr – Torn

Dahlia Rose – Good Ol Southern Romance

Shara Azod - Summer Sweets

Week Ending Aug 14, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Jennifer Hart - River Rats

Benilde Little - Who Does She Think She Is?

Margaret Cuthbert - The Silent Cradle

Nichelle Gregory - The Enchanted Flute

Habu - Cairo Surrender

Lisbeth Jenkins - The Manituw

Empress LaBlaQue - Gideon's Girl

Cynthia Sax - Hard as Stone

Janet Eckford - When Opposites First Attract

Mark Damaroyd - Pursuit to Paradise

Ursula Sinclair - White Wedding

Candace Gold - Wanting Wayne

Rae Winters - A Taste Of Passion

Sammie Ward – Lace & Honor

Marilyn Lee - No Commitment Required

RaeLynn Blue - An Open Melody: An O.A. Story

Arnold Adoff & Emily Arnold McCully - Black is Brown is Tan

Jacqueline Woodson - THE HOUSE YOU PASS ON THE WAY


Empress LaBlaQue - Black Satin Confessions Revenge Anthology

Renee LaRuse - Let's Be Mature About This

Charisma Knight – Spiritwalker

Rochan Morgan – Fusion

Week Ending Aug 7, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Grant Wilson - River of Love

James Lewis – Sellout

Latrivia Nelson - Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (Kindle Sneak Preview of Chapter 1)

Dahlia Rose - Chance for a Lifetime

Janet Eckford - Shifting Desires

Nevea Lane - Chased Through Montana

Savannah J Frierson – Go With Your Heart

Lia Connor - Sealed Fate (Collection)

Jay Di Meo - Binding Spell

RaeLynn Blue - A Healer's Bond

Laura Guevara & Shara Azod - Whipped Dreams - Fantasies

Miriam Wright - Crazed Love

Dréa Riley & Shara Azod - Second Helpings-Stormy Weather

Imari Jade - In Love With A Dark Stranger

Sheniqua Waters - Something to Hide

Rae Winters - Salsa Heat

Zenobia Renquist - Acknowledging Meirion (Print Version)

Dahlia Rose - Hot Lips and Cherry Lollipops

Jordyn Tracey – Chicago Heart

Aliyah Burke - The Lieutenant’s Ex-Wife

Nadia Aidan – Sex Therapy

Nadia Aidan – Mating Season

Week Ending July 31, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Shannon Pearce - Colors of Sexy

Gertrude Stein - Three Lives

Nella Larsen - Quicksand

Nella Larsen – Passing

Harriet E. Wilson - Our Nig: or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black

Leila Brown - A Chance Encounter (Kindle Edition)

Leila Brown - The Diamond Heartstone (Kindle Edition)

Melanie Harvey - Nobody's Hero (Kindle Edition)

Deirdre O'Dare - Wings Of Love

Charisma Knight - My Serbian Wolf

Madeleine Oh - Pearls

RaeLynn Blue - A Healer's Bond

Shiree McCarver - Dirty Little Secrets: Japanese Male Hosts

Miriam Wright - Crazed Love

Theresa Scott - Savage Betrayal

Melissa Glisan - The Watermelon Riot

Cooper McKenzie - Pushing Boundaries

Samantha Sommersby - Under Fire (Print)

Dana Marie Bell - Bear Necessities.

D. McEntire - Midnight Unseen

Week Ending July 24, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Dee Dawning - French Kiss

Nic Penrake - Sisi & Sonia

Sommer Marsden - Hot Child In The City

M. King - Breaking Faith

Jayha Leigh - The Wild, Wild with Every. Single. Breath. ZURI

Marteeka Karland - The Magical Forest: SnowFlower's Bear

Cameron Dane - Something New

Shontaine - Complexity

LaVerne Thompson - Chances Are (Print)

Madeleine McDonald - Enchantment in Morocco

Zena Wynn - Worth Fighting For

Julia Barrett - Daughters of Persephone: Exile and Return

Crista McHugh - Angelic Surrender

Lauren Dane – Revelation

Anna James - Isabella’s Dilemma

Week Ending July 17, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Tressie Lockwood - Wolf on the Bayou

Violette Dubrinsky - Fallen: Tale of a Dark god

Mahalia Levey - Show Me Your Gun

Nevea Lane - Marked in Montana

Taza - Riding for the Bang

Imari Jade - Pharaoh

Ambrielle Kirk - A Player's Agenda

Eve Vaughn - Gemini Rising (Collection)

Belinda McBride - Black Planet II: Little Foxes

Shara Azod - Ties That Bind, Part 3 (EBook)

Brindle Chase - That One Night in Vegas (Free Download)

Deena Bouknight - Broken shells

Cassi Armstrong - Love in the Bahamas

Madison Harris - White Women / Black Men


Nana S. Achampong - i, immigrant


Marie Rochelle - Help Wanted

Samantha Sommersby - Under Fire

Tess MacKall - Latin Rhythm

Belladonna Bordeaux - Cooking with Fire

Eve Summers - The Upgrade

Lena Matthews - The Better to Eat You With

Shara Azod - Summer Sweets Home

Week Ending July 10, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Week Ending July 3, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Latrivia S. Nelson - Dmitry's Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen

Ariel Tachna - Her Two Dads

Leah Braemel - Personal Protection

Chicki Brown - Have You Seen Her?

Vivien Dean - Cancer: Penny Candles

Mahalia Levey - Show Me Your Gun

Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh - Adjusting the Balance: Cleo vs. Ändreas

Belinda McBride - Black Planet: Little Dragon (Collection)

G. G. Royale - The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans

Shara Azod - Ties That Bind, Part 3

Miriam Wright - Crazed Love

Robert Ray - Transcendence

Sasha Combs - Flirting With Indiscretion

Catherine Paige - THE FAIRY RING

Clancy Nacht - A Certain Pressure in the Pipes

Stormy Glenn - His Dirty Little Secret

Aliyah Burke - Born To Fly: Landing In Love

Bridget Midway - Corporate Needs

Raquel Taylor - Seduction of the Fae

Leah Leonard - The Sheik's Design

Dick Claassen - Love Signs

Sedonia Guillone - Fantasy Thief

Michelle Chambers - Blood of His Fathers

Week Ending June 26, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Empress LaBlaQue - Taboo

Ariel Tachna - Her Two Dads

Eve Vaughn - Rivals for Love

Esmerelda Bishop - The Panther's Lair

J.M. Snyder - His Song

April Vine - Intrigue In India

Shara Azod & Dréa Riley - Second Helpings-Stormy Weather
Mia Zachary - 9 1/2 Days

Caroline Cross - The Sheikh Takes a Bride

Beverly Barton - Ramirez's Woman

Shelli Quinn - The Samurai's Kunoichi wife [Kindle Edition]
Melanie Harvey - Nobody's Hero
Marilyn Lee - Loving Large: Yours, Only And Always [Kindle Edition]
SaFiya Dalilah - An Infrequent
Dorothy Koomson - Goodnight, Beautiful
B. A. Osahor - My Forever
Jean Holloway - Ace of

Shawn Lane - His One And Only

RaeLynn Blue - LASSO A LOVER

Sharon Cullars - Raine's Blues

Lori Turner - Beyond Bliss


Christopher Newman - Deviant Ark

Raven Knight - Games People Play

Clare Dargin - Speculative Sky

Ann Lory - Brandon's Way

Dahlia Rose – A Dragon’s Promise

Week Ending June 19, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Eden Allen - Promises of Eve

Dew Platt - The Polar Pact (Kindle Edition)

Alessia Brio - Ripe

K.C. Hall - Various Titles (Amazon)

Dahlia Rose - Private Dancer

Mercedes Keyes - BOMAW Volume 11

Serenity King - Simply Beautiful

D. Renee Bagby - ERIS

Kate Hill - Carnal (Collection)

Violet Summers - The Queens of Merab: Temair's Earth

Selena Illyria - Hades' Helmet Crew 3: Subterfuge

Kadian Tracey - Made to Bend, Not Break

A. J. Llewellyn - Bonded

Mahalia Levey - Briar's Champion

Imari Jade - Prophecy

Lena Matthews - Happily Even After

C. H. Scarlett - Wyntress Nyght's Supernatural Crack Exes and Hexes

Parker Anthology - Live Love Laugh (Romantic Short Stories)

Alisha Rai - Veiled Seduction

Tressie Lockwood - Caribbean Nights

Anna Taylor - Through a Glass Darkly

Week Ending June 5, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Marteeka Karland - Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Dréa Riley & Laura Guevara - It’s All Fun and Games until Someone Falls in Love

Reana Malori - Taylor's Gift

Shara Azod – Ambushed

Claimed - Lizzie Lynn Lee

Leila Brown - Haley's Demon

Samantha Wayland - With Grace

Nadia Aidan - Invitation to Decadence

Dréa Riley & Shara Azod - Second Helpings-Stormy Weather

Karen Michelle Nutt - Autumn Moon

Marilyn Lee - Yours, Only And Always

Whitney Johnson - Regrets and Romance

Vanessa Alexander Johnson - Sacrifices In The Name Of Love

Week Ending May 29, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Jacqueline Turner Banks - Scented

Canton Chamein - Mixed Reality

J J Murray - The Real Thing

Gigi Moore - Three Men and a Bounty

Kate Hill - Eber's Angel

Selena Kitt – Shorn

Tianna Xander - Seduction in Paradise

Bronwyn Green - Overlord's Vessel



Annette Shelley - ONE WITH ETERNITY


Kris Klein - English as a Sexual Language

Imari Jade – Bayou Babe

Alison Tyler - In a Handbasket

Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks - Master Bear

T.A. Ford - Aaren

Tressie Lockwood - The Firefighter's Woman 2

Ethan Mordden - The Venice Adriana

Elizabeth Dean - It's In Her Kiss


Shelby Morgen - Troll's Blog (Collection)

Carlanime Bligh - Wolf's Layer

Candy Caine - Behind Closed Doors

Sammie Ward - Sweet Island Temptation

Barry Lowe - Marine Biology

J.R. Rain - Dark Horse

Sasha Combs - Persuasions of the Heart

Daniel Lewis - Winds Of Passion


Jordyn Tracey – Dragon Song

Nadia Aidan - Mating Season (Audio)

Week Ending May 15, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

T. A. Chase - Be The Air For You

Mercedes Keyes - BOMAW Volume 9

RaeLynn Blue - Hot Summer Shimmer

Reana Malori - Dinner for Three

Reana Malori - Taylor's Gift

Mina Carter - Wicked Wraiths: Man About the House

Emma Petersen - Make Me

Jennifer Campbell – Fulfillment

Giselle Renarde - Tangled Roots

Pamela Hayes - The Other Women

Letitia Anderson - Sins of the Past

Johnny Miles - Casa Rodrigo

F.L.Brown - Wandering Heart

RaeLynn Blue - An Open Lure: An O.A. Story

RaeLynn Blue - The Concierge

D. Musgrave and Nona Wesley - Binary Stars Vol 4: Performance Review and Spank



Sheniqua Waters - SOMETHING TO HIDE


Rebecca Lash - Bound to Be Good

Dahlia Rose – Darling With A Gun

Leigh D’Ansey - Kincaid's Call

Week Ending May 8, 2010 (Includes Special Request)

Empress LaBlaQue - Kennedy Kingston, PI

Mary Winter - Live Action Hero

Marie Dees - To Have A Warrior

Lena Matthews - Something Worth Fighting For

Lena Matthews - Naughty Games

Selena Illyria - Blood Claim: Tainted